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Major ( Мажор ) - 4 разработчика мода. Все решения принимаются ими.

  • Scroup (основатель)
  • Featherus
  • Cyrus
  • Yard1

Little Scripters ( Маленькие скриптеры)- Маленькие скриптеры имеющие высокие навыки кодирования

  • ThatZealousOne (TZO)
  • Kaltrop

Little Helpers - Skilled contributors who collectively help the majors do and run just about everything.

  • Commander Clypeus
  • Nico
  • Dutchpony
  • Professional Horse

Artists - Self explanatory.

GFX Designers( Графические дизайнеры )- Do icons, logos, etc for the mod.

Model Designer - Responsible for creating custom unit models for the mod.

Translators ( Переводчики ) - Они переводят мод на другие языки. Пока что перевод идёт только на русский язык

Pioneer ( Пионер )- Coders who help fix bugs and code events and focus trees for the mods.

Horseworders - Writers who put together descriptions and English writing for the mods. Led by Head Horseworder Nico.

Tester - Testing in development builds for bugs and feedback.

Sane People - A representative of another mod, representing their mod in the HoI4 Mod Coop.

Fellow Stalker - A dev from another HoI4 mod, both coop and non coop.

Community Roles Править Править

Wiki Wizards - People who maintain the fan run wiki. Not strictly affiliated with the dev team. Led by the Grand Wizard Wiki Wizards are a free and equal collective.

Commissar - Server moderators responsible for upholding the rules

Lieutenants - People the majors / community really like - Some of the older, more established regulars

PFC (Private First Class) - People the majors / community like - the typical crowd of "regulars" who chat here and aren't arseholes (too much).

KEKC - The Russian equivalent of PFC. The Russians hang out in #motherland.

Veteran Boi - Supporters of the mod in the early days.

Paradox Interactive - Members of Paradox Interactive, the game's developers.

Pones ( Пони ) - каждыйпони!

Utility Roles Править Править

Gamer - The game tag is pinged when someone wants to play a game of HoI4 - sign up for this role if you are interested in multiplayer EaW.

DJ - Used to allow someone to override other sounds in voice chat for the purposes of playing music / shows etc.

Flavour Roles Править Править

Deer / Bug / Bat / Griffon ... Lover / Hater / etc - This person likes / hates that race a lot. These can be requested from majors.

Any other role not listed here - probably a flavour role. Common with more senior members - for example Raspberry for Scroup and War Criminal for Cyrus.

Discord Channels Править Править

News Править Править

Note, News channels cannot be posted in.

#Releases - All patches are announced here on release.

#News - General mod news announced here.

#Server-Rules - Current server rules listed here.

#Useful-Links - A collection of various links related to the mod.

#Teasers - Upcoming content for the mod is shown here by coders and writers.

Mane Править Править

#eaw-Discussions - General discussion about the mod, HoI4 and gameplay strategy.

#Civil-Discussions - Offtopic channel for conversation about anything, whether it is ponies, the mod, Cyrus' zany stories and so on. Rules still apply.

#eaw-videos-and-streams - Are you a streamer or a content creator who played our mod? Post your videos here! No discussion allowed.

#eaw-submodding - The mod is great, but you have an idea of your own that doesn't fit in the main mod? Show off your mod making here! Exclusive to Equestria at War submods only. A (mostly) complete list of submods can be found here.

#Future-Discussions - Suggestions and discussion for the future direction of the mod. If you have an idea, this is where to post it.

#Fanfiction-zone - Discussion about fanfiction of all kinds, especially any set in the EaW Universe.

#Art - Discussion and sharing of art from the MLP fandom.

#Motherland - The Russian language channel. Any significant length conversations primarily in Russian should move here.

#Non-English - For all other languages other than English and Russian. Any significant length conversations in another language should move here.

#Wiki-Discussions - Organising and discussing work on improving the EaW Wiki. Anyone is free to participate.

#Bug-Reporting-Zone - Reporting of bugs, missing / misspelled text, faulty AI, obvious balance issues, and simple, uncontroversial suggestions for improvements to existing flawed content. (if a suggestion is not all of these it should be in Future-Discussion).

#Spoiler-Quarantine-Zone - Discussion of MLP TV Show spoilers for one week after release on US TV. Only official releases may be discussed - illicit leaks are not permitted. This is not for EaW spoilers.

Memes ( Мемы ) Править

#The_Memes_Of_Production - Memes and shitposting.

#Tavern - The roleplay channel. Mantaro is active here and can be used for a variety of reactions and actions. It has some minor games featuring virtual currency that may also be played here. Not recommended for the pure of heart or mind.

#Playing-HoI4 - For proposing new games of EaW. Ping people with the @Gamer roll to call for interested parties. Apply here to get the @Gamer role.

#Muzyka - Sharing, playing and discussion of music. The bot Mantaro responds to commands here and can be used to broadcast music into your current voice channel. For a list of commands please see here

#Muted-Voice-Chat - The text supplement to discussion occurring in voice - use to share pictures, links, or text commentary when your mic isn't available.

Voice Channels Править Править

Note, unlike text, people of all languages are welcome on voice.

- Ponyville Cafe - The general voice chat channel.

- Crystal City Music Hall - For playing and sharing music. Use commands in #Muzyka to the Mantaro bot to broadcast music.

- Canterlot Palace - Spare general voice chat channel.

- Griffenheim - Spare general voice chat channel.

- Frontline - Spare general voice chat channel.

Psojing - Private dev channel used mostly by Ex-Major Psody after the annexation of Vesalipolis.

Scroup's Kitchen (Кухня Скрупа) - Private dev channel used mostly by Major Scroup.

Боты Править

There are currently 3 bots on the Discord at present

  • Mantaro - A bot for music, simple games and fun image reaction and interaction commands. Active in Music, Voice Channels, and Tavern. For basic command documentation see here.
  • Dyno - A discord management bot. Can also do music, used for automated role management in the server.
  • Yardbot - the unholy creation and sidekick of Major Yard1.
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