Equestria at War Wiki

Unlike many communities, which have subreddits and several social media pages, Discord is the hub of the EaW community and development and socialising is performed there.

Discord Roles[]

Development Roles[]

Major - The 5 devs in charge of the mod. All decisions are made by majority vote.

  • Scroup (the founder)
  • Featherus
  • Cyrus
  • Yard1
  • Jaspy

Artists - Split into three ranks.

  • Senior Artist - Artists who are able to draw in "EaW Style" (See Scroup and Printik's works), and willing to teach other artists how to improve their own art.
  • Artist - Self-explanatory.
  • Trainee Artist - New artists to the team. After proving they intend to stay as well as regularly contribute, they are promoted to full artists.

GFX Designers - GFX Design for the mod.

  • Senior GFX Designer - Badge of seniority for their experience. They guide and mentor new GFX designers.
  • GFX Designer - Artist who make icons, logos, etc for the mod.

Model Designer - 3D Design.

  • Senior Model Designer - Badge of seniority for their experience. They guide and mentor new model designers.
  • Model Designer - Responsible for creating custom unit models and more for the mod.

Flag Designer - Artists who make Flags for EaW.

Voice Actor - Vocally talented people who record custom voice lines. (If you have questions ping Printik, King Chrysalis or Anja.)

Scripters - Coders.

  • Senior Scripter - Badge of seniority for their experience. They guide and mentor new scripters.
  • Scripter - Coder who help fix bugs and code events and focus trees. Basically design nations for the mod.

Writers - People writing for the mod.

  • Horseworder Committee Member - Responsible for coordination and Recuiting of writers.
    • Members: Bierenbond, Sweet Chrysalis, VoidTemplar and The 24th Pegasus.
  • Senior Writer - Badge of seniority for their experience. They guide and mentor new writers.
  • Writer - Writers who put together descriptions and English writing for the mod. Basically make lore for the nations of the mod.

Translators - Translate the mod into other languages. Currently, the only well-maintained translation is Russian. Split into several roles.

  • Translator Master - Translation team leader. Established as a vanity role for Scorg to honor years of his productive work.
  • Senior Translator - Badge of seniority for their experience. They guide and mentor new translators.
  • Translation Editor - Edits the work of all other translators. Requires good knowledge of grammar and writing sense in russian as well as english. (Freudig)
  • Translators - Translates localization from english to russian.
  • Trainee Translator - Newer translators who have less experience between the languages.

Testers - Tests the mod, and occassionally shouts at the devs to fix their bugs.

  • Test Master - Coordination and Recuiting of new Testers. Current Tester Master is Danior5
  • Tester - Testing in development builds for bugs and feedback.

Sane People - A representative of another mod, representing their mod in the HoI4 Mod Coop.

Fellow Stalker - A dev from another HoI4 mod, both coop and non coop.

Moderation Roles[]

  • Developer Commissar - Discord Server Dev Team moderators responsible for upholding the rules on our community discord. And responsible for internal disciplinary affairs.
  • Commissar - Discord Server moderators responsible for upholding the rules on our community discord.
  • Subreddit Moderator - EaW Subreddit moderators responsible for upholding the rules on our community subreddit.
  • VKontakte Admin - VKontakte admins responsible for upholding the rules on our VKontakte website. (RU)

Community Roles[]

  • Community Coordinator - Senior member of the Community Team who manages the EaW community (submods, Wiki, Reddit, Marketing, Discord and others)
    • Current Community Coordinators: Anja and Luden
  • Community Helper - Generally helps the Community Coordinators in more specialized areas. (usually in charge of one of the many community run websites like Twitter, VK or Reddit or they are employed as event manager)
  • Wiki Wizards - People who maintain the fan run wiki. Not strictly affiliated with the dev team. Led by the Grand Wizard Wiki Wizards are a free and equal collective.
  • Wiki Ведьмак - Equivalent of Wiki Wizards, for the fan run Russian wiki. Links between the wikis can be found on the bottom of nearly every page they share!
  • Lieutenants - People the majors/community really like - Some of the older, more established regulars.
  • PFC (Private First Class) - People the majors/community like - the typical crowd of "regulars" who chat here and aren't arseholes (too much).
  • Кекс - The Russian equivalent of PFC. The Russians hang out in #motherland.
  • Veteran Boi - People who have been around for a very long time. (Time varies, but is mostly more than two years)
  • Paradox Interactive - Members of Paradox Interactive, the game's developers.
  • Pones - Everypony!

Utility Roles[]

  • Gamer - The game tag is pinged when someone wants to play a game of HoI4 - sign up for this role if you are interested in multiplayer EaW.
  • DJ - Used to allow someone to override other sounds in voice chat for the purposes of playing music/shows etc.

Flavour Roles[]

  • Deer / Bug / Bat / Griffon ... Lover / Hater / etc - This person likes/hates that race a lot. These can be requested from majors or Commissars.
  • EaW Tournament Veteran - This person has taken part in a large-scale officially-arranged Hearts of Iron 4 Tournament.
  • Mare of Flavourtown - This person has submitted proposed flavour events through an officially sanctioned channel.
  • Horseworder First Class - This person has won a podium-finish in an Equestria at Wat Fiction Contest.
  • Any other role not listed here - probably a flavour role. Common with more senior members - for example, Raspberry for Scroup and War Criminal for Cyrus.

Discord Channels[]


Note; Unless noted, it is not possible to talk in the News section

  • #Releases - All patches are announced here on release.
  • #News - General mod news announced here.
  • #Server-Rules - Current server rules listed here.
  • #Useful-Links - A collection of various links related to the mod.
  • #Teasers - Upcoming content for the mod is shown here by coders and writers.


#EaW-Discussions - General discussion about the mod, HoI4 and gameplay strategy. ENGLISH ONLY

#Civil-Discussions - Off-topic channel for a conversation about anything, whether it is ponies, Cyrus' zany stories and so on. Rules still apply. ENGLISH ONLY

#Civil-Discussion-2-Electric-Boogaloo - Off-topic channel like #civil-discussions. A mirror in almost every form of its sibling

#Feedback - Suggestions and discussion for the future direction of the mod. If you have an idea, this is where to post it.

#Bugreports - Reporting of bugs, missing/misspelled text, faulty AI, obvious balance issues, and simple, uncontroversial suggestions for improvements to existing flawed content. (if a suggestion is not all of these it should be in Future-Discussion).

#Soviet-Bugreports - Same as #bugreports, in Cyrillic languages.

All Ponies Front[]

#EaW-motherland - General discussion about the mod, HoI4 and gameplay strategy. RUSSIAN AND OTHER CYRILLIC LANGUAGES ONLY

#Motherland - Offtopic channel for a conversation about anything RUSSIAN AND OTHER CYRILLIC LANGUAGES ONLY

#Motherland-minecraft - Offtopic channel for a conversation about Minecraft RUSSIAN AND OTHER CYRILLIC LANGUAGES ONLY

#Rzeczpospolita - The Polish language channel. POLISH LANGUAGE ONLY Disabled until further notice

#Multilingual-chat - Channel for a conversation about anything in any language.


#Anime-club - For discussion about anime of all sorts.

#Art - Discussion and sharing of art from the MLP fandom.

#eaw-videos-and-streams - Are you a streamer or a content creator who played our mod? Post your videos here! No discussion allowed.

#eaw-submodding - The mod is great, but you have an idea of your own that doesn't fit in the main mod? Show off your mod making here! Exclusive to Equestria at War submods only. A (mostly) complete list of submods can be found here.

#Fanfiction-zone - Discussion about fanfiction of all kinds, especially any set in the EaW Universe.

#mlp-show-chat - Intended for discussion of the MLP TV show itself, though discussion of other canon material also takes place here.

#Wiki-Discussions - Organizing and discussing work on improving the EaW Wiki. Anyone is free to participate.

#Muzyka - Sharing, playing and discussion of music.


#Hall-of-Fame - Best memes of Equestria at War!

#The_Memes_Of_Production - Memes and shitposting.

#Tavern - The roleplay channel. Mantaro is active here and can be used for a variety of reactions and actions. It has some minor games featuring virtual currency that may also be played here. Not recommended for the pure of heart or mind.


#Altdentifier - The place where the alt-seeking bot roams, watching for sockpuppets

Chill Talks[]

Note, people of all languages are welcome on voice - no matter the channel. Names of Channels may change without any notice.

#Muted-Voice-Chat - The text supplement to discussion occurring in voice - use to share pictures, links, or text commentary when your mic isn't available.

#Music-bot-commands -The bot Mantaro responds to commands here and can be used to broadcast music into your current voice channel. For a list of commands please see here

- Ponyville Cafe - The general voice chat channel.

- Frontline - Spare general voice chat channel.

- Crystal City - Spare general voice chat channel.

- Балкон Channel - Spare general voice chat channel. (Mostly used by our russian speaking community)

- The Heart Chamber - Private PFC channel used mostly by PFCs and LTs

- Scroup's Kitchen - Private dev (also being used for freetime activities) channel used mostly by Major Scroup.(can be used by LTs too)

- Dev Playground - Dev/Tester channel usually used for developer events and testing

- The Peasant Corner - Dev/Tester channel usually used for developer events and testing


Voice chats and channels for EAW multiplayer games.

#Playing-HoI4 - For proposing new games of EaW. Ping people with the @Gamer roll to call for interested parties. Apply here to get the @Gamer role.

#Playing-HoI4-Off-Topic - The #Muted-Voice-Chat to #Playing-HoI4

#weekly-mp-rules-and-links - This channel contains the game rules and other important information connected with the Weekly EaW Multiplayer Games

-republican-deathsquads - Voice chat for Flag of Griffonian Republic Griffonian Republic and its allies

- changeling-hegemony - Voice chat for Flag of Changeling Lands Changeling Lands and its allies.

- reformisten-reich - Voice chat for the reformisten of the Flag of Knightly Order of Hellquill Knightly Order of Hellquill.

- all-ponies-alliance - Voice chat for Flag of Equestria Equestria and its allies.

- river-coalition - Voice chat for the River Coalition.

- aquilia - Voice chat for the Flag of Kingdom of Aquileia Kingdom of Aquileia and its allies.

- karthinian-pact - Voice chat for Flag of Kingdom of Wingbardy Kingdom of Wingbardy and its allies.

- reichspakt - Voice chat for the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire and its allies.

- palace-of-the-soviets - Voice chat for Flag of Stalliongrad Stalliongrad and its allies.

-communist-international - Voice chat for Flag of Griffon Liberation Army Griffon Liberation Army and its allies.

-not-japan - Voice chat for Princely Lake City and its allies


There are currently 4 bots on the Discord at present

  • Mantaro - A bot for music, simple games and fun image reaction and interaction commands. Active in Music, Voice Channels, and Tavern. For basic command documentation see here.
  • Rythm - Full bot for music. Active in Music, Voice Channels, and Tavern. List of commands, see here.
  • Dyno - A discord management bot. It can also do music, used for automated role management in the server.
  • Yardbot - the unholy creation and sidekick of Major Yard1. Managed to predict a fire.