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    Ambitions course in Eastern Griffonia, but in the shadow of the mountain, catastrophe lays in wait.
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    While the Kaiser’s allies fight over his legacy, the Heartlands prepare for troubling times.
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    As the civil war rages, the ponies of the south must forge their own destiny.
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    The age of harmony is ending... will Equestria survive?
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    The Hives work towards one goal - Vengeance

Welcome to the fan run wiki for EquestriaSun.png Equestria at War, a mod for the Paradox grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV. It is set in the world of the cult TV hit My Little Pony, and expands on the existing show elements of conflict, industrialisation, and magic into a full blown setting for war and politics.






The Community

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Current Version:

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Dev Diary XI: Pax Chrysalia Redux

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