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Greneclyf is a harmonious land of changelings, led by Queen Gytha of Clann Leamhan. The latest of an 800-years-old dynasty, Gytha has adhered to the old philosophies adopted since the times of the First Sharing. These have ensured a peaceful, if monotonous rule.

But there is change in the air, and the Queen can sense it approaching fast. Her people are ill-prepared for the oncoming storm, and Greneclyf is in need of new relationships with the continentals. The ponies of the River Coalition should be good allies, but having never met changelings before, Greneclyf must put its best hoof forward...


For the past 800 years or so, Greneclyf has been ruled by the Clann Leamhan family, being in power ever since Farbrookian fisherponies stumbled on the island. Currently, the island is headed by kind and loyal Queen Gytha and her Council.


There is no clear or defined tale as to how the Changelings of Greneclyf came upon the isle, but there are recurring themes of seas of ice and a volcanic island acting as a refuge. For one reason or another, Changelings settled Greneclyf and had mostly stayed in isolation, preying upon the sapients of the mainland. These Changelings were much like the ones found in Equus, but they were never as overt as those now serving under the infamous Chrysalis. However, the mainlanders eventually got the upper-hand over them, driving them back to their island, inhibiting their ability to drain the love out of the Griffons and Ponies across the waves. Due to this, the entire population was nearly driven to starvation. This all changed when they had their first contact with Farbrook. After a Farbrookian fishing expedition managed to stumble its way to Greneclyf, finding the starving Queen Dylis, who the chieftain of Farbrook, Fingal, felt sympathy and affection towards her, expressing them freely for Dylis' consumption.

Known as the First Sharing, it formed the first stable relationship between the Changelings of Greneclyf and the Ponies of Farbrook.

Strong relationships between Changelings and Ponies do exist, but never really turned intimate. Queen Diedre however did try and further her relationship with then-chieftain Albar. Unfortunately for her, she was rebuffed. Even so, these gestures were still remembered as the weaving of the Great Pacts: Four pieces of tapestry worked on both by Pony and Changeling hooves that detail the First Sharing and Frozen Refuge.These would be shared by both countries' houses to continually remind their leaders of their shared history and inextricable friendship and camaraderie towards each other's peoples.

Now, Queen Gytha presides over the island of Greneclyf, with Chief Cenhelm leading Farbrook. Realising just how large the world truly is, Gytha convenes with her council. She wishes to present Greneclyf as a loyal friend to all who wish, but these new relationships are entirely dependent on whether or not the Ponies and Griffons wish to give her the time of day. If not, there are many factions who'd rather have the Changelings of Greneclyf for more... unscrupulous purposes.

Starting Situation[]

Greneclyf starts off bad in just about every aspect. Horribly outdated tech, near-complete lack of industry, small population, and of course, being locked on an island. This requires Greneclyf to both have a strong marine force, as well as a large and powerful navy in order to escort said force. However, this also works to their favour, as it also requires enemies to naval invade the island, a much more difficult task to do than a direct land invasion.


Greneclyf starts out with 7k ponypower in the field, making up two divisions. One of which is six-width infantry division, and the other is a three-width infantry division with only 1/4 of its equipment fulfilled.

Threats and Opportunities[]

While you yourself may be very weak, so are all your neighbours. Directly to the south lies Flag of Bakara Bakara. While only having one division at the start, they have a sizable navy of 13 ships, far surpassing your zero. It's also a part of the River Federation, meaning that an early invasion would be near impossible. Waiting for the Federation to fracture is vital.

To the west is your ally, Flag of Farbrook Farbrook. If relations were to ever sour, an invasion could be quite simple. Farbrook starts off with one division, a small pool of ponypower, and a very long coastline, of which its capital lies upon. Distracting Farbrook with an invasion to the north, then striking south could be a viable tactic.

After that you have two other non-river federation pony nations of Flag of Watertowns Watertowns and Flag of Firtree Villages Firtree Villages, both of which are weak. Firtree has quite a few resources tucked away in the countryside, while Watertowns gives you a buff if you annex it, due to its Holy Springs.

Finally, you have the rest of the River Federation, rich in resources, industry, and land. Taking out the lot of them in one go is going to be very difficult and require lots of buildup. It would be a safer bet to try and snatch up nations in the event that the Federation begins to shatter. If you play your cards right, you'll have access to a large pool of factories and resources, making you a real contender in Griffonian affairs.

Handling the Crisis[]

Meet with the Outsiders focus will send a trade offer to Farbrook and all the nations in the River Federation. These offers have a high chance of being accepted. Greneclyf will be at a risk of going into crisis due to the discrimination they face. During the time a series of 4 events with 4 options each will pop up. Picking the right options in each of the 4 events will successfully resolve the crisis. The correct options are:

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading
  • 4th option in the 1st event
  • 2nd option in the 2nd event
  • 1st option in the 3rd event
  • 3rd option in the 4th event

Spoiler end.

If a single wrong option was chosen then Greneclyf will go into a crisis.

National Focus[]

NCH Tree.png


Army Naval Air Tech / Industry
  • Medieval Melee Weapons
  • Transport Ships
  • None
  • None
Doctrine Racial
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • None


National Spirits[]

The Great Pacts.png
The Great Pacts
  • Construction Speed: +10%
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.10

The ancient Farbrookian-Greneclyf friendship is symbolised by two pairs of tapestries, each weaved by Farbrook and Greneclyf. One represents the First Sharing from around 800 years ago, whereas the other depicts the Frozen Refuge, both events that are very significant for both Greneclyfians and Farbrookians.

Collectively known as the Great Pacts, this hoofscraft stands as a testament of the historic friendship and collaborative nature between the two peoples, transcending biological barriers and proving that harmony is truly universal.

Idea friendly harmony.png
Pacifist Tendencies
  • Racial Tech Research Speed: +50%

Despite our biological capacity for it, Greneclyfians abhor abusing their innate talents of subterfuge for military and espionage. As such, any research into these areas will be slow.


Leader Party Description Traits
Queen Gytha
Queen Gytha


Clann Leamhan

Cader Scierite
Cader Scierite


Conradh na n'Oibrithe

Queen Gytha
Queen Gytha


Fine Grena



Clann Óir/Fine Grena

Staff and Designers[]

Political Advisors

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Salticidae Vesalipolis Captain of Industry
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.0%
  • Refinery construction speed: +10.0%
Hemiptera Soryth Fortification Engineer
  • Land Fort construction speed: +20.0%
  • Coastal Fort construction speed: +20.0%
  • Anti Air construction speed: +20.0%
Acrididea Phantine War Industrialist
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Dockyard construction speed: +10.0%
Miridea Gorak Smooth-Talking Charmer
  • Trade deal opinion factor: +10.0%
Zoraptera Anglossata Ideological Crusader
  • Same ideology monthly opinion: +100.0%

Tank Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Biúró na nGluaisteán Tank Designer
  • Armor Research Time: -5%
  • Armor Reliability: +5%

Ship Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Longchlóis Blomsport Coastal Defense Fleet Designer Has developed it's naval yards. (Done through focus)
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
  • Carrier Deck Size: -25%
  • Capital Armor: -20%
  • Capital Attack: -20%

All Ships

  • Max Range: -50%
  • Production Cost: -25.00%

Aircraft Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
NCH_generic_light_aircraft_manufacturer Light Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Fighter Max Speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Max Speed: +10%
NCH_generic_medium_aircraft_manufacturer Medium Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Heavy Fighter Reliability: +20%
  • Tactical Bomber Reliability: +20%
NCH_generic_heavy_aircraft_manufacturer Heavy Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Strategic Bomber Strategic Bombing: +10%
NCH_generic_naval_aircraft_manufacturer Naval Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Naval Bomber Range: +10%
  • Naval Bomber Naval Attack: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber Range: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber Naval Attack: +10%

Materiel Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Lochainn Loadaid Infantry Equipment Designer Has a local arms industry (Done through focus)
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -5.0%

Industrial Concern

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Cynipidae Anglossata Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Time: -10.0%
Lycosidae Vraks Electronics Concern
  • Electronics Research Time: -10.0%


Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Chrysomelidae Anglossata Military Theorist
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%

Chief of Army

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Pterygota Anglossata Army Defense (Expert) Has a general staff (Done through focus)
  • Army Defence: +10.0%
Nepidae Vraks Army Offense (Specialist) Has a general staff (Done through focus)
  • Army Attack: +5.0%

Chief of Navy

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Admiral Fallon Submarines (Specialist) Has an admiralty (Done through focus)
  • Submarine Attack: +10.0%
  • Submarine Defense: +5.0%
Admiral Poethgils Decisive Battle (Expert) Has an admiralty (Done through focus)
  • Capital Ship Attack: +10.0%
  • Capital Ship Armor: +10.0%
  • Screen Attack: +10.0%
  • Screen Defense: +10.0%

Chief of Airforce

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Chrysomelidae Anglossata Air Reformer (Expert) Has reformed aerial doctrine (Done through focus)
  • Experience Gain Air: +10.0%
Vesali Phantine Ground Support (Genius) Has reformed aerial doctrine (Done through focus)
  • Air Support: +10.0%

Military High Command

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Malakith Vraks Artillery (Specialist)
  • Artillery Attack: +10.0%
  • Artillery Defense: +5.0%
Thorax Vesalipolis Infantry (Specialist)
  • Infantry Division Attack: +5.0%
  • Infantry Division Defense: +10.0%
Dispar Soryth Army Logistics (Expert)
  • Division Attrition: -8.0%
Oxypidea Gorak Fleet Logistics (Specialist)
  • Naval max range factor: +5.0%
Chrysomelidae Anglossata Air Reformer (Expert) Has reformed aerial doctrine (Done through focus)
  • Experience Gain Air: +10.0%


Laws and Development[]

Laws and Development
Conscription Law Trade Law Economy Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • Recruitable Population: 1.50%
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • Construction Speed: +10.00%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: +10.00%
  • Resources to Market: +50%
  • Civilian intelligence to others: +20.0%
  • Navy intelligence to others: +10.0%
Isolation.png Isolation
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 40.0%
  • Military to Civilian Factory conversion cost: +40.00%
  • Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: +40.00%
  • Generate war goal tension limit: +100.0%
  • Join faction tension limit: +20.0%
  • Send volunteers tension limit: +20.0%
  • Generate tension limit: +50.0%
  • Fuel Gain per Oil: -50.00%
  • Fuel Capacity: -35.00%
  • Agency upgrade time: +80.0%
  • Military Factory construction speed: +40.00%
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: +40.00%
  • Dockyard construction speed: +40.00%
Scientific Development Society Development Illiteracy
Poor Science Base.png Poor Science Base
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.30
  • Research Speed: -80.00%
Agrarian Society.png Agrarian Society
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -50.00%
  • Monthly Population: -25.0%
  • Construction Speed: -50.00%
  • Production Efficiency Cap: -20.00%
  • Research Speed: -50.00%
  • Factory Output: -50.00%
  • Dockyard Output: -50.00%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -50.00%
Mass Illiteracy.png Mass Illiteracy
  • Construction Speed: -20.00%
  • Research Speed: -60.00%
Poverty Race
Negligible Poverty.png Negligible Poverty
  • No penalties
Changeling.png Changeling
  • Uses Changeling Racial Tree

Industry and Resources[]

Military factory
1 Military Factory
Naval dockyard
2 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
3 Civilian Factories
9 0 0 0 8 0 0