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The Republic of Lake City has stood vigilant for hundreds of years against the great Griffon hordes, and the brave, fearless ponies are prepared to stand brave and tall for hundreds more. It is known as the first point of contact of Ponies and Griffons, and stands as a prosperous republic with strong, powerful merchant guilds that keep money flowing into industries. With the nations of the Griffking river basin and the lands of Southern Griffonia falling into chaos and disorder, it is Lake City's time to strike and begin a Second Golden Age, reclaiming the glory of Blessed Sword himself, and perhaps even uniting the Riverlands.

Their military is incredibly influential and has a strong hold on politics, even assassinating the previous president of the Republic. Any Harmonists must deal with the power of the military, or risk suffering a coup. The nation's fanatic militarism must be solved, either by encouraging it or discouraging it, and the army's influence must be either curtailed or strengthened.

Their economy is in shambles due to the Griffonian depression, and monopolistic guilds control the majority of the nation's wealth. A player who wants to send Lake City into the 11th century must deal with the problems of poverty and incomplete industrialisation.



Empire of the Lake[]

In 66 BLB, Grand Prince Blessed Sword faced Strategos Adynatos of Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusia in the Battle of Chaeroneigh and defeated him. The last obstacle to Lake City's domination of the Riverlands was gone and its hegemony began. It would last for centuries and would later be considered the Golden Age of Lake City's long history. Even the Flag of Gryphian Host Zaphzan tribes in the south had been subjugated.

However, all good things must come to an end. In 353 ALB the Zaphzans rose up, tired of wearing the pony yoke on their necks. Soon enough unrest spread as the East hungered for freedom. To make things worse, the Princely Civil War began. Lake City stood no chance and was defeated. The Zaphzan griffons founded the Kingdom of Zaphzia, Flag of River Republic Rijekograd formed its own Principality and all other subject nations in the Riverlands broke free.

Sacking of Jezeragrad and Subsequent Rise of the Republic[]

In 752, the capital of Lake City, Jezeragrad, was sacked by the Flag of Griffonian Empire Imperial Army, and in the following turmoil, Grand Prince Frail Spear was forced to abdicate the throne. Later in 752, the Guilds launched a coup, establishing a democratic republic with considerable merchant and military influence. In 898, following an attack from the Empire, Lake City signed the Treaty of Coltstream, being one of the founding members of the River Coalition.

Current Issues[]

Factions and Characters[]

Social Democratic Party (Harmonist) - The SDP is a party based on the liberalization of the economy, increased social spending for ponies in need, and the continuation of a strong, stable, equine democracy. Their goals include the socialization of healthcare, the empowering of Lake City's powerful merchant guilds, and the right for unionization and fair working rights. However, the SDP is also against the military that has held the Republic of Lake City under its thumb for the past decades. They advocate for the slashing of the military budget to ensure poverty is dealt with. Because of their advocation for democracy and their hostility towards military spending, they have become enemies of the military and if they come to power, they must watch out for a military coup. The SDP has rallied behind two major ponies - while they support Wavebreaker's candidacy against Westerly Leeward, the environmentalist and activist Deirdre Skye represents the true beliefs and goals of the SDP.

Constitutional Democratic Party (Non-Aligned) - The CDP has stood triumphant for years, coming to power on the back of a military coup that exalted Springtime Frost, CDP leader, to the highest office in the nation. The CDP's policies include continued support for the Lake City Army, the guilds, and the military-industrial complex. They are a status-quo party, a party that will safeguard the republic's stability, but will not necessarily introduce any major reforms. In addition, they are fiercely anti-griffon, advocating for a massive fortification plan that will see bunkers built all across Lake City's hostile borders. They support the independent candidate Wavebreaker against Westerly Leeward for the 1007 elections.

Republican Vanguards (Supremacy) - Westerly Leeward, the xenophobic, militaristic pony, is a sworn enemy to all Griffonkind, and his party plans for massive overhauls of the pony society. Though it is more of a militant group than a party, and shows no love for Lake City's stable democracy, instead preferring a highly militarized republic controlled by the Republican Vanguards and without the influence of the traitorous SDP and the decadent guilds.

Princely Restoration Faction (Supremacy) - The Princely Restoration faction seeks a return to the old regime of Lake City, the Grand Principality that once ruled over all of the Riverlands. While it appeals to the common people's militarism and anti-Griffon sentiment, the faction has little support from the people - and its only support in the military comes from Wild Tree, a prominent general in the Lake City army. The faction proposes a traditionalist, powerful monarchy, and some figures within the group even support leaving the River Coalition and uniting the entire continent under a Holy Pony Empire.

Relations to Griffonkind[]

The nation of Lake City is known by the world as "the first point of contact between the Ponies and Griffons of Eastern Griffonia", leading to the nation being the frequent victim of consistent Griffon raids. This long history of brutalization has instilled the ponies of Lake City with militarism, passion, and pride in holding back "the hordes of Griffonkind", and created a largely anti-Griffon environment in the nation.

The Lake City Army[]

While the LCA is relatively new in its formation, it has proven a worthy adversary to the Griffon raiders of the Gryphian Host and other neighboring Griffon nations. But over the last few decades, the LCA has grown more and more influential in Lake City society, and militarism has skyrocketed. LCA troops are present in every aspect of civilian life, and they are seen as the defenders of the republic, although they often interfere in the politics of Lake City. The military's interference with the Lake City political system is downright undemocratic, and the LCA is notorious for using violence to achieve their goals, even assassinating the previous President to install Springtime Frost, a conservative military puppet.

The Guilds and the Economy[]

Due to Lake City's undeveloped industrial base and the Griffonian depression which has ravaged all of the continent for decades, poverty has spread rapidly, and Lake City has been forced to call upon the heavily monopolistic guilds to bail its economy out. The Guilds now have a stranglehold upon much of the nation's resources and considerable influence upon the government like the military. Both princely factions and militarists condemn the Guilds for working against the interests of common ponies, but both the CDP and SDP support the Guilds and actively further their interests. This is because the Guilds continue to support the interests of the CDP and especially the SDP, who promise to offer the guilds additional resource charters to ensure their continued support for the political party.

Starting Situation[]

Lake City's close proximity to both the Flag of Ordensstaat Hellquill Ordensstaat Hellquill, the Flag of Gryphian Host Gryphian Host, and the Flag of Principality of Lushi Principality of Lushi allows it to pursue expansionist policies into Griffon territory and obtain a significant industrial advantage over its opponents in the River Coalition. However, expansion into Griffon territory may result in loss of critical focuses that could have been used to one-up Lake City's opponents in the Race for the River Federation or could result in expulsion from the River Coalition all together.


Lake City starts out with a weaker military of 6 Onhooves Divisions, contrived of 6 infantry brigades, 1 support artillery brigade, and 1 engineer company, and 1 Pegasus Division, contrived of 6 pegasi brigade and 1 recon company.

The army has full manpower but starts with a deficit in artillery, support equipment, and infantry equipment. As such, their divisions are only 60% equipped.

Threats and Opportunities[]

Lake City has no major threats at the beginning of the game other than the occasional raid from the southern Griffons, and Lake City's griffon enemies such as Hellquill and the Gryphian Host will only achieve war goals later into the game. Because of this, it is easy to build up industry and focus on the Race for the River Federation, making Lake City a nation with two major strategies - attack Griffonian enemies and then move on to attack the River Coalition, or focus purely on the Race for the River Federation. These strategies will be suited to different ideologies - both non-aligned and Supremacy paths are more successful at expansion than the harmonic path.

Strategy #1 - Race for the River Federation (Every Ideology)[]

Because of Lake City's absence of major threats at the start of the game, the Race for the River Federation is a key strategy for a non-princely Lake City. The only ideology that cannot do this is a Co-Prosperity Sphere Princely Faction, who will break away from the River Coalition in favor of its own goals. This path is a simple one, focusing entirely on rushing down the River Coalition's shared tree to become a powerhouse of the East.

This path works better as Non-Aligned or Supremacy however, because of the war goals against the Griffons that you can pursue after you have united the Federation, but if you want to play Harmonic, this is the only viable path to secure Lake City's dominance.

Strategy #2 - Expansionism (Every Ideology except Harmonic)[]

Lake City's focus tree allows for a variety of war goals against Griffon nations such as the Gryphian Host, Lushi, Longsword, Hellquill, and numerous others, allowing for the nation to expand its borders into these conquered lands. With industry and manpower from these lands, they will be able to build up a sizable army to challenge the rest of the River Coalition and even the Griffonian Empire.

This strategy is best done as the Prince, however, because of his ability to puppet Deponya, but it can be done as any ideology as long as they have the ability to obtain war goals against major Griffon nations. Some ideologies may even get war goals against Prywhen, allowing them to secure a massive amount of land if Prywhen has expanded before they take the focus to destroy them.

National Focus[]

Lake gang.png

Political Tree[]

There are four major paths in the political tree. Princely Restoration, Unify with the Military, Placate the Military, and Curtail the Military. The political path the player goes down is determined by the outcomes of a restorationist coup by radical elements of the military, which occurs on February 4, 1007.

The player can choose the outcome of the coup, which determines the political path the player goes down.

  • The coup succeeds: Princely Restoration.
  • Westerly's vanguards crush the coup: The player will have another choice on whether or not mayor Springtime Frost died during the coup.
    • The mayor has survived, and Westerly demobilizes his forces: Triggers Election of 1007 event (see below).
    • The mayor has died, and Westerly assumes "temporary" mayoral powers: Unify with the Military.
  • The rest of the military crushes the coup: Triggers Election of 1007 event (see below).

In the Election of 1007 event, the player can choose to elect Wavebreaker or Westerly Leeward:

  • Wavebreaker: Choice between Placate the Military or Curtail the Military.
  • Westerly Leeward: Unify with the Military.

Princely Restoration (Supremacy)[]

Lake City Princely Restoration.png

Princely Restoration will restore the Grand Principality of Lake City and create a new expansionist imperial regime. This path has opportunities to puppet Deponya, to leave the River Coalition and create the East-Griffonian Co-Prosperity Sphere with a Supremacy Diamond Mountain and other nations, to march into the River Republic and declare the creation of the River Empire, invade the Griffon-Riverlands frontier, and finally conquer Herzland to take revenge for 752 and establish the Holy Pony Empire. It is perhaps the most fun path for a player, because of its variety of war goals against the River Federation and Griffonian Empire. However, it does not get war goals on nations such as the Gryphian Host and the Principality of Lushi like other paths do.

Unify with the Military (Supremacy)[]

Lake City Unify with the Military.png

Unify with the Military will create a Supremacy government under Westerly Leeward, leader of the Vanguards. Leeward will expand into Griffonia in the name of security, with the possibility to attack Hellquill, Longsword, Lushi, the Gryphian Host, Prywhen, and possibly even the Griffonian Empire. This allows the country to become incredibly powerful in the early game by picking off weak Griffon nations. However, you will get kicked out of the River Coalition if you expand too heavily, so be wary. This path will give great bonuses to the military and will end the problem of the guilds by nationalizing them into the state.

Placate the Military (Non-Aligned)[]

Lake City Placate the Military.png

Placate the Military sees Wavebreaker appease the military and maintain the status quo of the Lake City's flawed democracy. Wavebreaker can, if he desires, pursue the same interventionist actions to the west and the south like Westerly, but he can also pursue a defensive policy. This path will encourage militarism but will encourage the guilds for their support of the military-puppet democracy. This path will receive election events, but the only candidate will be Wavebreaker, who will be elected either with a narrow majority, or with 110% of the vote.

Curtail the Military (Harmony)[]

Lake City Curtail the Military.png

Curtail the Military will create a free, prosperous, and harmonic society - if you can make sure that is it not overthrown by the military. A player who goes down this path will have to take decisions to reduce the risk of military unrest before taking the first focus to avoid a coup by Westerly Leeward. Should Wavebreaker successfully establish a democratic government, he will pursue real elections. These elections will be held between Wavebreaker and Dierdre Skye, an activist and environmentalist. They will quash militarism and pursue a more civilian-focused economy.

The Red Talons focus grants the possibility to form an anti-communist defensive alliance with non-communist Griffon nations in the Evi Valley and a possible puppet war goal on the Griffon Liberation Army. Aside from this however, this path provides no expansion opportunity. As such, the path is suitable for racing for the River Coalition and securing an independent River Federation.

Political Paths - Comparison table[]

Below are listed the various bonuses received from each political path. Note that since some bonuses might be received from a mutually exclusive choice, those will be marked with L (Left) or R (Right).

Tree Bonus Princely Restoration Unify with the Military Placate the Military Curtail the Military
RushTime.pngRush Time (d) 875 L (945 R) 1085 910 L (490 R) 735
CompleteTime.pngComplete Time (d) 1855 L (1995 R) 1575 1540 L (1085 R) 1085
StabilityStability (+15% WT, +20% HS L) (+30% R) +10% +55% L (+45% R)
Political PowerPolitical Power (Flat) (50 WT, 35 HS L). (25 R 500 400 L 350 L (200R
Political PowerPolitical Power (%) +25% +2%
Political PowerPolitical Power (Daily) -0.15 -0.50
War supportWar support +30% +10% +10%
ManpowerRecruitable Pop +1.5% +1.5% +1.5% +1.5%
PopulationRecruitable Pop Factor +10% For 730 days
TrainingIcon.pngTraining Time -10% For 730 days -10%
Civilian factoryCivilian factory +4 +1 +2 +3
Constructspeed.pngConstruction Speed +5% Mil +5% Civ +5% Mil +5% Civ -5% Mil +10% Civ
Consumergoods.pngConsumer Goods -10% +5%
InfrastructureInfrastructure +6
Military factoryMilitary factory +2 +5 +2
Factoryout.pngFactory Output +5%
Production Efficiency CapProduction Efficiency Cap +10% +5% +10%
Researchtime.pngResearch Time (all) +5% +5%
Researchtime.pngResearch Time (specific)
  • +5% Land Doctrine
  • +5% Air Doctrine
  • +5% Land Doctrine
  • +5% Air Doctrine
  • +5% Industrial
  • +5% Electronic
AttackIcon.pngAttack (All) / (Core) / (Inf) 0% / +10% L (+5% R) / 0% 0% / 0% / 0% 0% / +10% L / 0% 0% / 0% / 0%
DefenceIcon.pngDefence (All) / (Core) / (Inf) 0% / +10% L (+5% R) / 0% 0% / 0% / 0% 0% / +10% L / 0% 0% / 0% / 0%
OrganizationIcon.pngOrganization -5% +5%
ReocveryIcon.pngRecovery Rate +5% L +10% R
AluminumAluminum 23 R 23 L
TungstenTungsten 6
SteelSteel 20 19 R 19 L
CrystalCrystal 8
Other Notes / Bonuses
  • All paths will grant 2 research slots
  • All paths will get rid of Illiteracy
  • All paths will get rid of Poverty
  • Can form an alliance of it's own. (R)
  • +5% Efficiency Growth (R)
  • +5% Efficiency Retention (R)
  • Kamikaze missions become available (R)
  • +0.05 Daily Supremacy Support (R)
  • Allows the use of "Last Stand" and "Force Attack" commands at a reduced cost (R)
  • Can puppet Deponya, and afterwards develop it.
  • +45 Army experience
  • +1 level of new army generals
  • -10% Infantry equipment production cost for 185 days
  • +25% conversion speed bonus for 185
  • +5% Efficiency Growth
  • +0.05 Daily Supremacy Support
  • +15 Army Experience
  • +10 Army Experience
  • Can fortify both western and southern borders
  • +10% Efficiency Growth
  • +10% Efficiency Retention
  • +10% Efficiency Base
  • Can embark on the same invasions as Westerly (L)
  • +10% efficiency growth
  • +10% efficiency retention
  • +10% efficiency base
  • +20% Monthly population
  • +15% Improve relations opinion
  • +50% Same ideology monthly opinion
  • +20% Lend-lease tension limit
  • +50% Guarantee tension limit
  • +50% Guarantee cost
  • +25% Ideology drift defense
  • Can from the Anti-Communist pact (R)
  • Puppet-wargoal on GLA (R)


Army Naval Air Tech / Industry
  • Weapon 989 (Puska M95M)
  • Engineer Company I
  • Recon Company I
  • Pre-Industrial Artillery
  • Transport Ship
  • Pre-War Fighter (Type 91)
  • Pre-War Bomber (G3M Bucka)
  • None
Doctrine Racial
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • Pegasus Division I


National Spirits[]

Idea yug federal defense council.png
Defenders of the East
  • Division Defense on Core Territory: +5%
  • Division Attack on Core Territory: +5%

Lake City has always been the first point of contact between the Ponies and Griffons of Eastern Griffonia, leading to the lands being the frequent victim of Griffon raids. This long history of brutalization has instilled our Ponies with a sense of pride in holding back the hordes of Griffonkind.

Idea jap zaibatsu.png
  • Daily Political Power Cost: +0.25
  • Trade Laws Cost: +25%
  • Economy Cost: +25%
  • Civilian Factory Construction Speed: +5%
  • Military Factory Construction Speed: +5%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 5%

The Merchant families of Lake City own several powerful guilds. These Guilds have a near monopoly on their specialities and can pull strings within the government and military, whilst also keeping the economy tightly under control.

Pony militarization.png
Rising Militarism
  • Daily Political Power Gain: -0.25
  • Stability: -10%
  • War Support: +20%
  • Division Recovery Rate: +5%
  • Division Organization: -15%
  • Research Time: +5%

The Lake City Army is relatively new, but has proven itself repeatedly against Griffon raiders. Over the last few decades, its influence among citizens and the government has grown, leading to the military having considerable influence over society. LCA troops are now present in every aspect of civilian life, with their proud grey uniforms dress in flowers from passing supporters. Ponies cheer and wave military flags as these brave mares and stallions pass. They are seen as the defenders of freedom, even if they plot the occasional assassination of elected officals.

Idea hun treaty of trianon.png
Treaty of Coltstream Member

This state has signed the Treaty of Coltstream. In 898 the River Coalition was founded after an attack by the Griffon Orders was pushed back. The founding members of the treaty were Lake City, Deponya, River Republic and Nimbusia. Although the treaty has been mainly a defensive alliance since its inception, some politicians and their supporters advocate to expand the treaty to allow for more cooperation between the states of the River Coalition.


Leader Party Description Traits
Springtime Frost
Springtime Frost


Constitutional Democratic Party

Dierdre Skye
Dierdre Skye


Social Democratic Party

  • Stability: +10%
  • Political Power Gain: +2%
Westerly Leeward
Westerly Leeward


Republican Vanguard

  • Political Power Gain: +25%
Wild Tree
Wild Tree


Princely Restoration and National Renewal Faction


Non-Aligned / Harmony

Constitutional Democratic Party / Social Democratic Party

Dislikes the Empire
Grand Prince Heavenly Snow
Grand Prince Heavenly Snow


Princely Restoration and National Renewal Faction

Heir of Blessed Sword
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.05
  • Stability: +5%
  • War Support: +5%

Staff and Designers[]

Political Advisors

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Sweetie Spring Smooth-Talking Charmer
  • Trade deal opinion factor: +10.0%
Small Grin Prince of Terror Focus - The Cult of The Prince
  • Effect of partisans on us: -25.0%
  • Foreign subversive activities efficiency: -30.0%
  • Non-core Ponypower: +2.0%
Tinker Tock War Industrialist
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Dockyard construction speed: +10.0%
Down River Backroom Backstabber
  • Political Power Gain: +5.0%
  • Ideology drift defense: +15.0%
Waterdew Silent Workpony
  • Political Power Gain: +15.0%
River Smog Captain of Industry
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.0%
  • Refinery construction speed: +10.0%
Beaver Run Fortification Engineer Focus - Fortification Studies
  • Land Fort construction speed: +20.0%
  • Coastal Fort construction speed: +20.0%
  • Anti Air construction speed: +20.0%

Tank Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Neighsan Mobile tank designer
  • Armour Research Time: -10.0%
  • Armour Maximum Speed: +5.0%
  • Armour Reliability: +10.0%
Lake City Army Arsenal Heavy tank designer
  • Armour Research Time: -10.0%
  • Armour Armor Value: +5.0%
  • Armour Hard Attack: +5.0%

Ship Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Coltre Naval Arsenal Lunar Fleet Designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
  • Carrier Deck Size: +25.0%
  • Carrier Armor: -15.0%
  • All Ships Max Range: +25.0%
Lake Guard Arsenal Celestial Fleet Designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
  • Carrier Armor: +50.0%
  • Capital Armor: +10.0%
  • Capital Attack: +10.0%
Griffking Freight Corporation Coastal Defense Fleet Designer
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
  • Carrier Deck Size: -25%
  • Capital Armor: -20%
  • Capital Attack: -20%

All Ships

  • Max Range: -50%
  • Production Cost: -25.00%

Aircraft Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
JASA Agility-focused Aircraft Designer Focus - Jezeragrad Aluminium and Steel Association
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter Agility: +20%
  • Fighter Max Speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Agility: +20%
  • Carrier Fighter Max Speed: +10%
Manesibishi Light Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Fighter Max Speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Max Speed: +10%
Aicoltchi Range-focused Aircraft Designer Focus - Neighjima
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter Range: +10%
  • Heavy Fighter Range: +10%
  • Heavy Fighter Reliability: +20%
  • Tactical Bomber Reliability: +20%
Neighjima Heavy Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Strategic Bomber Strategic Bombing: +10%
Coltsuka Naval Aircraft Designer
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Naval Bomber Range: +10%
  • Naval Bomber Naval Attack: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber Range: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber Naval Attack: +10%

Materiel Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Blessedgrad Arsenal Infantry Equipment Designer
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -10.0%
Trotoyta Motorized Equipment Designer
  • Motorization Research Time: -10.0%
Jezeragrad Armaments Artillery Designer
  • Artillery Research Time: -10.0%

Industrial Concern

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Watersaki Industrial Concern
  • Industrial Research Time: -10.0%
PONY Corporation Electronics Concern
  • Electronics Research Time: -10.0%
Idemanesu Kosan Refining concern
  • Synthetic Resources Research Time: -10.0%
  • Industrial Research Time: -5.0%


Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Fire Flash Military Theorist
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
Prism Sortie Air Warfare Theorist
  • Air Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05 daily
Tied Turner Naval Theorist
  • Naval Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Navy Experience Gain: +0.05 daily

Chief of Army

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Haster Razor Army Drill (Genius) Focus - 200 Battalion Plan
  • Division training time: -15.0%
Mist Flower Army Morale (Expert)
  • Division Recovery Rate: +8.0%

Chief of Navy

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Shadow Shower Commerce Raiding (Expert)
  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +15.0%
Cannonade Decisive Battle (Expert)
  • Capital Ship Attack: +10.0%
  • Capital Ship Armor: +10.0%
  • Screen Attack: +10.0%
  • Screen Defense: +10.0%
Water Wings Naval Aviation (Expert)
  • Carrier Air Attack: +6.0%
  • Carrier Air Targetting: +7.0%
  • Carrier Air Agility: +8.0%

Chief of Airforce

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Windsock Air Safety (Expert)
  • Air Accidents Chance: -10.0%
Study Cloud All-Weather (Expert)
  • Bad Weather Penalty: -10.0%
Greasette Cogwheel Ground Support (Expert)
  • Air Support: +10.0%
Cool Mist Night Operations (Specialist)
  • Night Operations Penalty: -10.0%

Military High Command

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Iron Water Army Logistics (Expert)
  • Division Attrition: -8.0%
Riversword Army Maneuver (Expert)
  • Division Recovery Rate: +10.0%
Full Light Bomber Interception (Expert)
  • Interception Attack: +2.0%
  • Interception Defence: +2.0%
  • Interception Agility: +2.0%
Tito Titovich Concealment (Expert)
  • Enemy Air Support: -10.0%
Willow Moss Infantry (Expert)
  • Infantry Division Attack: +10.0%
  • Infantry Division Defense: +15.0%
Greasette Cogwheel Tactical Bombing (Expert)
  • Ground support: +15.0%


Laws and Development[]

Laws and Development
Conscription Law Trade Law Economy Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • Recruitable Population: 1.50%
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • Construction Speed: +10.00%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: +10.00%
  • Resources to Market: +50%
  • Civilian intelligence to others: +20.0%
  • Navy intelligence to others: +10.0%
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • Industrial Research Speed: +3%
  • Electronics Research Speed: +2%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 35.0%
  • Military to Civilian Factory conversion cost: +30.00%
  • Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: +30.00%
  • Fuel Gain per Oil: -40.00%
  • Fuel Capacity: -25.00%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.00%
  • Military Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Refinery construction speed: +5.00%
Scientific Development Society Development Illiteracy
Small Science Base.png Small Science Base
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.20
  • Research Speed: -55.00%
Outdated Industrial Sector.png Outdated Industrial Sector
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -10.00%
  • Construction Speed: -10.00%
  • Research Speed: -10.00%
  • Factory Output: -10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: -10.00%
Limited Illiteracy.png Limited Illiteracy
  • Construction Speed: -5.00%
  • Research Speed: -15.00%
Poverty Race
Low Poverty.png Low Poverty
  • Monthly Population: -7.0%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 7.0%
  • Construction Speed: -10.00%
  • Research Speed: -2.50%
Pony.png Pony
  • Uses Pony Racial Tree

Industry and Resources[]

Military factory
4 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
0 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
7 Civilian Factories
0 0 0 0 14 0 0