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Stalwart defenders of the eastern frontier, the knights of Hellquill have stood long as the Flag of Griffonian Empire Empire's protectors against the Riverpony incursions. But these oaths were abandoned after the Empire's collapse 30 years ago, and now the Hellquillians stand independent, closely tied to their allies in Flag of County of Longsword Longsword. The current Grand Master of the Order is old and set to retire soon, and with it, change might come to Hellquill, for the better or worse.


Grover II's Crusades[]

Emperor Grover I founded the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire, uniting all Griffon nations through military might and the blessing of The Idol of Boreas. His successor Grover II, had a problem. The Idol of Boreas did not bless him, and he controlled a vast Empire, with most countries only nominally under his rule, eager to challenge his rule.

Seeking an external enemy to keep the Empire from collapsing, he led military campaigns with the Knightly Orders against the ponies of the Riverlands, blessed by the Archons of the griffon Gods. He would lead multiple campaigns over his life.

The "crusades" as some call them were a partial success. They preserved the unity of the Empire and annexed some pony territories, especially in Southern Griffonia. However, their most ambitious goal - shattering the Riverlands, failed. Grover II met his end at the end of a Flag of Nimbusia Nimbusian spear in 854 ALB. In addition, his Crusades led to the Riverlands to sign the Treaty of Coltstream, a common defense pact amongst pony lands.

His more peaceful successor Grover III showed no interest in continuing the Crusades against the ponies.

The Rule of the Knights[]

The Knightly Order of Hellquill, previously an independent chapter of Knights, was granted some of the conquered territory, and incorporated into the Empire as a March around 810 ALB. Their honourable ancestors swore an oath to Grover II that they and their successors would do everything in their might to fight the Pony menace, and that the Empire would never have reason to fear their loyalty.

Many years of honourable service to the Empire passed. They fought alongside Grover II in his crusades, expanding their territory. After his death, Hellquill ruled over a sizeable population of ponies, and both sides raided back and forth.

A military order led by a Grandmaster, Hellquill's policies changed significantly from leader to leader. Originally, capture of land was followed by mass griffon settlement and displacement of conquered ponies, however as Hellquill's territory grew ponies tended to be left in peace, provided they disarmed, kept to their own self-run communities and providing taxes to their Griffon overlords.

Changing Times[]

Recently, the perpetual stalemate was broken, as the Knights of Hellquill managed to even advance all the way towards Flag of Diamond Mountain Diamond Mountain and seized their treasury.

However, trouble soon loomed over the Empire, which was increasingly shaken by greed and internal conflict. Sure enough, it had soon been utterly shattered, with even Griffonstone, the home of the imperial dynasty having broken away. After all these years, years during which they fought off pony raiders time and time again, the Empire has failed them, and is at the brink of complete collapse. As such, when Grover V was crowned in 979, they refused to renew their oaths of loyalty to the dying Empire.

The current leader, Grandmaster Siegfried Trappenfeld has served Hellquill well for many years, standing valiantly against both the East and the West to keep the order safe. His will to lead has slowly faded over these past couple of trying years, however. Much has changed within the world and the Griffonian continent, and Siegfried feels that he is no longer willing to lead the Order into the new world. He plans to retire soon and in his absence a new Grandmaster must be chosen.

Their are currently 3 promising candidates. August von Ortelsberg, Urlach ap Cyrod, and Wingfried von Katerinburg.

August von Ortelsberg brings promises of peace and prosperity. War and rivalry, he says, have only weakened Hellquill in the past, and cost us many thousands of lives. August is also said to believe in the equality of Ponies and Griffons, and he aims to establish a free and peaceful nation, which Griffons and Ponies share as equals.

Urlach ap Cyrod is a veteran knight and a big believer in the values of honour and tradition. He believes the main focus of the Order should be defending against the ponies from the east, just as they had done so for hundreds of years. Urlach also wishes to reestablish ties with the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire.

Wingfried von Katerinburg is the founder and leader of the Reformisten movement which seeks to reform the Knightly Order into a proper state with Wingfried at its helm, while at the same time seeking to create more "living space" for the Griffon race at the expense of the ponies of the East. Wingfried and his violent ideology are renown for their views on Griffon supremacy and the concept that Ponies are an evil that must be eliminated for the good of griffonkind. Even amongst the poor treatment of ponies in Hellquill, Wingfried and members of his movement are considered radicals.

The Knightly Order is at a turning point and the new Grandmaster will likely define the Order for centuries. Will they continue their eternal quest against ponykind nonetheless, to make both their ancestors and gods proud? Or do they seek a new path? The future is very much uncertain to us all.

Starting Situation[]

The Knightly Order of Hellquill starts with a small military of 40K deployed griffons (including 2 veteran knights), a meagre 7 factories and mixed terrain types. While it can gain some industry and ponypower by uniting with Longsword, Hellquill will find itself be outmatched by the combined forces of the River Coalition.

Threats and Opportunities[]

  • Flag of County of Longsword Longsword - Another Knightly Order and historical ally of Longsword. All political paths will give a focus to deal with Longsword. They will have a civil war early in the game and depending on the ruling parties of them and Hellquill, the unification can either be peaceful or via war.
  • River Coalition - The ancient enemy of the Knights of Hellquill and unless Hellquill is harmonic they will be the main enemy of Hellquill. Several of their member nations will gain war goals against Hellquill which will bring the whole of the River Coalition into a war with Hellquill. Their combined strength vastly outmatches Hellquill and any conflict will be difficult. The key members to watch out for are Flag of Diamond Mountain Diamond Mountain, Flag of Lake City Lake City, and the Flag of River Republic River Republic. If you complete The Grand Crusade focus, you will end up at war with the entire river coalition.
    • Flag of Diamond Mountain Diamond Mountain - Your northeastern neighbor. A Supremacy Diamond Mountain can get a war goal against Hellquill from the Revenge focus. They are more likely to take the focus after 1011. Sometimes they can leave the River Coalition which can allow Hellquill to go to war with them without involving the rest of the River Coalition. However, be aware of their special Ironpaw divisions which have high defense and excel in fighting in hills and mountains of which Diamond Mountains have no shortage of.
    • Flag of Lake City Lake City - Most of their political paths will lead them to war with Hellquill. The exceptions are if they take Placate the Military and Bulwark Against Griffons or Curtail the Military paths.
    • Flag of River Republic River Republic - They are likely to get involved with Hellquill unless they go down the Prepare For The Storm Path.
  • Flag of Firtree Villages Firtree Villages - Despite being neighbors they have no interaction with Hellquill. However, they can sometimes join the River Coalition which can open up a new front when facing the River Coalition. Though weak, they start guaranteed by the River Republic so attacking them is generally not a good idea.
  • Flag of Farbrook Farbrook - While they have focuses to go to war with Hellquill, it is unlikely they will take these focuses.

Gameplay Mechanics[]

  • At the start Hellquill will get an event to decide how to spend their treasure from the Diamond Mountains. The treasure can be spent on the industry, population, or army. The choice will affect the rewards from certain focuses.
  • A decision to attract griffon colonists is available for all 3 political paths. The decisions is unlocked by doing The Imperials, The Shield of Griffonkind, or The Neuland Act focus. The decision will increase the core population and can be done multiple times.
  • If Hellquill finds itself losing a war against the River Coalition then they unlock a decision to call the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire for help. If accepted, this will put Hellquill back to being a vassal of the Empire but will gain a powerful ally. However, if Hellquill is Supremacist then the call for help will not be accepted. Higher relations will increase the chance of the call being accepted.
  • A Harmonic Hellquill will unlock decisions to seek a guarantee from the River Coalition or the Griffonian Empire. Getting guaranteed unlocks further decisions to request more aid and integrate Hellquill into the guaranteeing faction. The requests are more likely to be accepted if Hellquill has high relations with the nation receiving the request.
    • For the Imperials, Hellquill can invite Imperial bankers which will reduce consumer goods and increase trade deal opinion.
    • For the River Coalition, Hellquill can create embassies with with members of the River Coalition (improving relations) and join the River Coalition as a honorary member. As an honorary member Hellquill will get a non-aggression pact with all nations of the River Coalition and can adopt the Rivbit and sign the River Convention on Beings Rights.
  • Once a Supremacist Hellquill launches their Grand Crusade and defeats all the River Nations by holding all their capitals, it will unlock a decision to proclaim the Ost-Griffonian Empire. This will move the capital to Jezeragrad and give cores on all of Lake City.

National Focus[]

Focus tree of Ordensstaat Hellquill.

Political Tree[]

Siegfried's Retirement is the political tree and will unlock once Siegfried retires which will happen a month into the game. Once he retires there are 3 political paths to go down.

Springtime in Hellquill (Harmony)[]

Hellquill Harmony.png

The Council chooses August von Ortelsberg as the new Grandmaster. August will focus on mending the divide between the ponies and griffons, and eventually reform Hellquill into a democratic republic.

  • It is recommended to arrest Wingfried before supporting Pony Towns. As otherwise there will be attacks against the pony towns and you will get a negative event.
  • The same goes for opening dialogue with the ponies before inviting griffon settlers. As otherwise the ponies will be worried about the griffon settlements and voice their concerns, causing a small political penalty.
  • Two Species Under One Flag will begin a series of events where Hellquill is reformed into a Republic, and the first Presidential elections are held. There are four possible elected leaders:
    • August von Ortelsberg (Harmony), unlocks The Konservative Volkspartei Mandate. The re-elected August will continue reinforcing his reforms and ensure the equality of races within Hellquill.
    • River Breeze (Harmony), unlocks The Zmānenawinan Peraīninsnas Wīrija Mandate. Posniak lawyer River Breeze will seek to build a welfare state.
    • Reiner Guttenfried (Non-Aligned), unlocks The Sozialliberale Mandate. Businessgriffon Guttenfried will seek to liberalize Hellquill's economy and make the country wealthy.
    • Carl von Soldau (Non-Aligned), unlocks The Ost-Griffonische Bund Mandate. General von Soldau will seek to preserve frontier agrarian culture and institute regional democracy.
  • Invite Our Friends will give an event to deal with Longsword. You will get the option to first ask them to join Hellquill peacefully or go to war immediately. Longsword is likely to accept if the communists or non-aligned won the civil war. If the fascists won the civil war then it's likely they will reject the offer for unification.
  • The von Katerinburg Trial unlocks an event where Wingfried von Katerinburg is trialled. There are 3 options on dealing with Wingfried:
    • Imprison: -25 PP, -5% Supremacy popularity
    • Exile: -50 PP, +2% stability, -7.5% Supremacy popularity
    • Execute: -125 PP, +5% stability, -10% Supremacy popularity

A School Debate event will eventually appear in Harmonic Hellquill, asking about whether or not should schools be separated by species. There are 2 options:

  • No separate schools: -50 PP, +2% stability, +2% harmony popularity
  • Separate schools: 25 PP

The Last True Knight (Non-Aligned)[]

Hellquill Non-Aligned.png

The Council chooses Urlach ap Cyrod as the new Grandmaster. Urlach is a believer in traditional chivalrous values, and will work to preserve Hellquill's traditions while making peace with the Posniaks.

  • The Longswordian Mistake will demand Longsword's submission to Hellquill. If Longsword refuses, Hellquill will receive a war goal against them.

A New Hellquill (Supremacy)[]

Hellquill Supremacy.png

The Council chooses Wingfried von Katerinburg as the new Grandmaster. Wingfried will focus on removing the pony minority in Hellquill. However, he does not wish to stop there. Rather than remaining as a defence against the ponies, he will actively prepare Hellquill for a Grand Crusade against the ponies in the east, and to do that he will modernize the nation and remove the archaic Knightly Order.

  • Before putting the Reformisten in power you should remove the Old Guard. As otherwise they will complain about the new leadership and cause minor political penalties.
  • Longsword Must Submit!: If the Reformisten won the Longsword Civil War (ideology of Longsword is Supremacist), an event will be sent to Longsword demanding unification, which will often be accepted. Otherwise, Hellquill will receive an Annex war goal on Longsword and receive cores on Longsword.
  • The Role of the Sturmgreifen which gives an event to decide what type of role the Sturmgreifen, either elite frontline units or supportive roles behind the frontline.
    • Frontline: +1% Recruitable population, +10% division attack, +5% division recovery rate, +5% division defence.
    • Support: +1.5% Recruitable population, +5% reconnaissance, +0.5 max entrenchment, +5% division organisation.
  • The Grand Crusade will unlock a decision to build more forts if at war and unleash the Purple Plague on the River Nations. The Purple Plague will cause several negative malus on the Riverlands nations which will last for a year. However, this will take several months to prepare and will cause all Riverland nations to declare war on Hellquill if not already at war.
The Purple Plague
-50% Monthly Population
-15% Recruitable Population Factor
-15% Construction Speed
-5% Division Attack
-5% Division Defence

Alternate Path - The Rise of the Groverists[]

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading
EAW Stackelberg.png

In the Supremacy path, taking the focus Disband The Order will launch an event where radical traditonalist knight Wilhelm Stackelberg will attempt a coup against Wingfried, the results of which are decided in a binary choice event.

If Stackelberg's coup succeeds, he will depose Wingfried and impose his own traditionalist Groverist rule, unlocking a new focus tree. He will restore the traditional society that Wingfried tried to eradicate, and continue with the plans for the Grand Crusade as Grover II envisioned it (and not as what Wingfried envisioned it).

Note that Stackelberg's focus tree also removes the military and the economy focus trees.

Spoiler end.

Alternate Path - Junta of National Salvation[]

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading
EAW Kamphaus.png

In the Supremacy path, taking the focus Might Makes Right (unlocked by siding with the Sturmgreife in the Beakstadt Conference event, itself unlocked after completing the Disband The Order focus) will launch an event where general Demetrius Kamphaus, deciding that Edler and his insanity is too much for Hellquill, makes plans to purge both Wingfried and the SG. He plans to assassinate Wingfried, blame the assassination on the SG, and purge the SG. The event has two choices; either his plot is discovered and he gets purged, or his plot goes through and he deposes Wingfried.

If Kamphaus succeeds, he will institute his Junta of National Salvation, and a new focus tree is unlocked. The old political and economic trees are replaced with new ones.

Kamphaus's rise to power causes a crisis in Hellquill; the Sturmgreife go into open rebellion, while the economy crashes. These conditions are represented by two new negative national spirits added on Hellquill during the coup: The Sturmgreife Rebellion (Recruitable Population Factor -20%, Division Recovery Rate -5%, Stability -10%, War Support -10%) and A Shattered Economy (Consumer Goods Factories 20%, Construction Speed -50%, Production Efficiency Cap -50%, Factory Output -50%).

Kamphaus plans to invite the prince of the Flag of Principality of Lushi Principality of Lushi to lead Hellquill and restore legitimacy and stability. If Lushi is not Communist, then Kamphaus will send an invite to the Prince of Lushi.

A Crown For A Prince

Kamphaus has successfully invited the Prince of Lushi to lead Hellquill, uniting Lushi and Hellquill as a Dual Principality. Depending on the political events in Lushi, the Prince of Lushi will either be Prince Elias Whitecrest or Prince Gerar Whitecrest, who lead into different paths.

Both paths will grant a war goal on Flag of Griffon Liberation Army Prywhen or Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Brodfeld through the shared focus Strike At Brodfeld. Both paths also implement additional reforms that grant bonuses and an edict that protects ponies as equals to griffons.

  • Prince Elias (Harmony): Prince Elias desires the creation of a constitutional Federal Kingdom. After conquering Brodfeld, he will declare the creation of the Triune Kingdom.
    • Finish Off The Sturmgreife will remove the Sturmgreife Rebellion national spirit.
  • Prince Gerar (Supremacy): Prince Gerar desires to bring Hellquill-Lushi into a new age of glory. His path grants additional war goals on the Flag of Gryphian Host Gryphian Host (Subjugate The Cossacks), the Flag of Free Towns of Gryphus Free Towns of Gryphus (Bring The Trade Cities To Heel), and the River Coalition (Lord Of The East). Gerar can also declare the creation of the Ost-Griffonian Empire after conquering all of the Riverlands, though he does not receive cores on Flag of Lake City Lake City.
    • A Few Discreet Pardons will remove the Sturmgreife Rebellion national spirit, and give a new Group 225 national spirit, which gives -5% PP gain and +5% Research Speed.
The Revolution Comes For All!

Kamphaus's plans fail, either because the Prince of Lushi rejected his invite, or because Lushi had became communist and their Prince had been deposed. Hellquill falls into chaos, and a communist revolution led by the Hellquillian Communist Party (KPH) under Ernst Fischer seizes the opportunity and rises up to depose Kamphaus.

The communists will purge the remnant Reformisten from the country and link up with the Flag of County of Longsword Longswordian partisans under Starry Night. Kamphaus will be trialled and executed. After the Communists stabilize the country, they will begin the First KPH Party Congress, where they decide on a leader, the two options are Chairgriffon Ernst Fischer, who emphasizes socialist patriotism and self-defense, or Chairmare Starry Night, who emphasizes workers' self-management and de-militarization.

The path eventually grants either a war goal on a non-Communist Lushi, or an invite to Communist Lushi for the two nations to join together. In either case, after Hellquill annexes Lushi, the Communists will declare the creation of Volksbundesrepublik that joins together Hellquill, Longsword, and Lushi.

Rebuilding The Economy

The new economy tree gradually removes the A Shattered Economy national spirit.

Spoiler end.

Alternate Path - Führer Edler von Wingenberg[]

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading
EAW Wingenberg.png

In the Supremacy path, taking the focus Might Makes Right will launch an event where general Demetrius Kamphaus makes plans to purge both Wingfried and the Sturmgreife. If his plot fails, then Edler von Wingenberg, the radical head of the SG, will kill Wingfried due to Wingfried's failures to keep his generals in check, and institute his own radical genocidal rule.

Effectively a sub-path for Wingfried, Edler's path only replaces the final section of the Supremacist Hellquill focus tree following Disband The Order.

Spoiler end.

Industrial Tree[]

Hellquill Economy.png

The Industry of Hellquill is small and unfit for a modern nation, especially one seeking to wage war. Hellquill will have two options on how to deal with this: either through the classic market capitalism, supported by the Harmonist/Non-aligned, or through the mass nationalization of the Reformisten.

Tree Bonus Neues Geschäft Nationale Wirtschaftsabteilung
RushTime.pngRush Time (d) 490 490
CompleteTime.pngComplete Time (d) 637 637
StabilityStability -7.50%
Political PowerPolitical Power (Flat) +75 -75
Political PowerPolitical Power (%) +10% -5%
Civilian factoryCivilian factory 3 4
Constructspeed.pngConstruction Speed +10%
Consumergoods.pngConsumer Goods -5%
InfrastructureInfrastructure 4 8
Military factoryMilitary factory 3 4
Factoryout.pngFactory Output +5%
Production Efficiency CapProduction Efficiency Cap +10%
Researchtime.pngResearch Time (all) -3%
Researchtime.pngResearch Time (specific)
  • -10% Electronics
Focusbonus.pngOne-off boosts(+100%)
  • 2x100% Industry
  • 2x100% Synthetic resources
  • 2x100% Industry
  • 2x100% Synthetic resources
Resourcegain.pngResource Gain Efficiency +15%
Syntheticrefinery.pngSynthetic Refinery +1 +1
TungstenTungsten 12 12
SteelSteel 12 12
Other Notes / Bonuses
  • Both paths gain 1 research slot
  • Both paths can upgrade their science base
  • Both paths can upgrade their industrial base
  • +10% Prodcution Efficiency growth
  • +5% Conversion speed bonus
  • +5% Supremacy popularity
  • +5% Max Factories in a State
  • +15% Factory Repair Speed
  • +4 Building Slots
  • -12500 Griffonpower

Military Tree[]

Hellquill Military.png

The military trees are fairly self explanatory. Most of the focuses will provide Hellquill with research bonuses.


Army Naval Air Tech / Industry
  • Infantry Equipment 989
  • Mountain Infantry I
  • Engineer Company I
  • Recon Company
  • Artillery I
  • None
  • Early Fighter
  • None
Doctrine Racial
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • We Can Fly?!
  • Knights Division II


National Spirits[]

HLQ knights.jpg
Knights of Hellquill
  • Special forces Capacity Multiplier: +15.0%
  • Special forces Attack: +10.0%
  • Special forces Defense: +10.0%
  • War Support: +10.0%
  • Recruitable Population Factor: -25.0%

Offically the Order of Brothers of the Griffon House of Prelate Aloysious in Cloudbury the Knights of Hellquill have had a storied and bloody past.

Having been granted the ancient Frontier lands around Hellquill by Emperor Grover II himself, the Knights have continually proven themselves to be a bulwark of Griffonkind against the savage Ponies of the East, even if said Ponies claim otherwise...

HLQ reformisten.png
The Reformisten
  • Daily Supremacy Support: +0.02
  • Daily Political Power Gain: -0.15
  • Monthly Population: -5.0%

Reformisten, or more commonly known as the Black Cloaks, are a group of rather... enhusiastic Knights whom have taken all the worst ideas of the modern age to heart.

Led by Wingfried von Katerinburg, the Black Cloaks seek to reform the Knightly Order into a proper state with Wingfried at its helm, while at the same time seeking to create more `living space' for the Griffon race at the expense of the Ponies of the East.

Pony enslaved.png
Pony Minorities
  • Stability: -10.0%
  • Recruitable Population Factor: -15.0%
  • Daily Political Power Gain: -0.10

In spite of nearly three hundred years of colonization and Griffonisation, there are still plenty of Ponies living in Hellquill still holding onto their ancient way of life and traditions.


Leader Party Description Traits
Grandmaster Siegfried Trappenfeld
Grandmaster Siegfried Trappenfeld


Ritterlicher Rat (Knightly Council)

Current Grandmaster of the Hellquillian Order of Knights, Siegfried Trappenfeld has seen many battles in his lifetime, and is respected by all for his unwavering dedication, boldness and being the paradigm of a knight. His decision to cut ties with the failing Griffonian Empire was a pragmatic choice based on preserving their endless duty, the defence of the eastern borders against the pony menace. Although he is concerned about the growing extremist element in Hellquill, Siegfried remains confident that Hellquill will remain like it has always been, a bulwark to protect the griffon way of life.
Griffon Council
Knightly Council


Ritterlicher Rat (Knightly Council)

Provisional Government
  • Justify war goal time: +100%
  • Generate war-goal tension: +100%
  • Join faction tension: +100%
  • Lend lease tension: +100%
  • Send volunteers tension: +100%
  • Guarantee tension: +100%
August Von Ortelsberg
August Von Ortelsberg


Einheitspakt (Harmony Pact)

Former head archivist of the Hellquillian Order, August von Ortelsberg had spent many hours documenting and researching the knightly order's history. He has repeatedly reached the conclusion that the conflict between ponies and griffons is immensely destructive and has achieved nothing positive for anygriff or pony. His continuous pleas to the Grandmaster fell on deaf ears, and when the latter stepped down, August's exasperation only grew, comprehending that his attempts to foster peace would never be realised. Thus, he was pleasantly surprised when the Knightly Council has chosen him for the new Grandmaster of the Order, and he now does his best to mend the wounded relationship between ponies and griffons, in order to create a new and harmonious Hellquill. Bookworm
  • Research Time: -5.0%
Urlach ap Cyrod
Urlach ap Cyrod


Ritterlicher Rat (Knightly Council)

Urlach ap Cyrod, a veteran knight who earned his mettle from a dozen campaigns, is a staunch traditionalist and believer in the Hellquillian ideals. A natural choice for the newest Grandmaster, Urlach seeks to continue his mentor Siegfried's legacy and preserve Hellquill's role in the world. While he has some adverse views on the ponies, he is pragmatic enough to avoid antagonising them and is open to the idea of reestablishing ties with the Griffonian Empire, should there be no other choice. Inspirational Leader
  • Factory Output: +5.0%
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +5.0%
  • Stability: +5.0%
Wingfried Von Katerinburg
Wingfried Von Katerinburg



Most griffons you'd ask wouldn't know how Wingfried von Katerinburg became so characteristically hateful of ponies. Some say it was a traumatic event early in his lifetime, others say it is a result of fighting on the borders for so long. Nevertheless, Wingfried made the complete and total ruination of the eastern Riverpony nations the key policy in the new Hellquill. With Hellquill united behind him, von Katerinburg will fight to the last breath in order to achieve his goal.
River Breeze
River Breeze


Brivibas Partija (Freedom Party)

River Breeze's family has lived in Hellquill all their lives, and despite the intense griffonisation they were subjected to, they never considered moving to friendlier lands. Instead, they've adopted large parts of the griffon culture, with River Breeze himself becoming a priest of Arcturius. While this wasn't the future he had in mind for himself, being pressured by his relatives, he has come to appreciate the position. Seeing the faithful griffons and ponies moved something in him, especially after prosecutions began, led by the vile Wingfried. He has repeatedly shielded his pony flock from the Reformisten, using his knowledge of the faith to shame them away, and in return, the community has rallied around him. As such, when the first elections were organised in the newly liberal Hellquill, he was a natural choice for president. Friendly Preacher
  • Division Recovery Rate: +2.5%
  • Stability: +5.0%
  • Daily Political Power Cost: +0.1
Reiner Guttenfried
Reiner Guttenfried


Sozialdenmokratische Partei (Social Democratic Party)

Reiner Guttenfried has had an unassuming service in the order's military, following orders to the letter, but never truly distinguishing himself. However, his claim to prominence comes from his dedication to the soldiers' wellbeing, so much that everygriff who served under him couldn't say a single disparaging word. Thus, he developed a reputation of a firm but fair commander, who would protect the pony minorities from other, more radically minded units. He was surprised to see himself winning the first elections, having campaigned only to satisfy his friends in the army, but the ponies and griffons of Hellquill have recognised the need for a character of sterner stock to lead them in these trying times. National Hero
  • Daily Political Power Cost: -0.10
  • Stability: +5.0%

Staff and Designers[]

Political Advisors

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Comet Haze Ideological Crusader Is Harmony
  • Same ideology monthly opinion: +100.0%
Rocky Road Compassionate Gentleman Is Harmony
  • Improve relations opinion: +15.0%
Caicias Lauer Financial Expert Is Harmony or Non Aligned
  • Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
Frowncrest Lowsprinter Captain of Industry Is Harmony or Non Aligned
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.0%
  • Refinery construction speed: +10.0%
Heavenbreath Henzler Fortification Engineer Is Non-Aligned
  • Land Fort construction speed: +20.0%
  • Coastal Fort construction speed: +20.0%
  • Anti Air construction speed: +20.0%
BeeBop Heffelfiner War Industrialist Is Non-Aligned or Supremacy
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Dockyard construction speed: +10.0%
Aya Destinn Propaganda Master Is Non-Aligned or Supremacy
  • War Support: +10.0%
Bowser Klaproth Collaborating Press Chief Is Supremacy
  • Effect of partisans on us: 25.0%
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.10
Grintalon Schumann Prince of Terror Is Supremacy
  • Effect of partisans on us: -25.0%
  • Foreign subversive activities efficiency: -30.0%
  • Non-core Ponypower: +2.0%

Tank Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Armour Company Tank Designer None
  • Armour Research Time: -10%
  • Armour Reliability: +5%

Ship Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Naval Company Ship Designer None
  • Naval Research Time: -10%

Aircraft Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Light Air Company Light Aircraft Designer None
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Fighter Max Speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Max Speed: +10%
Medium Air Company Medium Aircraft Designer None
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Heavy Fighter Reliability: +20%
  • Tactical Bomber Reliability: +20%
Heavy Air Company Heavy Aircraft Designer None
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Strategic Bomber Strategic Bombing: +10%
Naval Air Company Naval Aircraft Designer None
  • Air Research Time: -10%
  • Naval Bomber Range: +10%
  • Naval Bomber Naval Attack: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber Range: +10%
  • CV Naval Bomber Naval Attack: +10%

Materiel Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Motorisation Company Motorised Equipment Designer None
  • Motorisation Research Time: -10.0%
Small Arms Company Infantry Equipment Designer None
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -10.0%
Artillery Company Artillery Designer None
  • Artillery Research Time: -10.0%

Industrial Concern

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Zinten Plant Industrial Concern None
  • Industrial Research Time: -10.0%
  • Synthetic Research Time: -2.5%
Electronics Company Electronics Concern None
  • Electronics Research Time: -10.0%


Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Mudtalon Mommsen Military Theorist None
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -10.0%
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 Daily
Dante Braunstein Air Warfare Theorist None
  • Air Doctrine Research Time: -10.0%
  • Air Experience Gain: +0.05 Daily
Mortimer Reimann Naval Theorist None
  • Naval Doctrine Research Time: -10.0%
  • Navy Experience Gain: +0.05 Daily

Chief of Army

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Tsifira Mitter Army Offence (Expert) None
  • Army Attack: +10.0%
  • Division Speed: +5.0%
Cloudbill Kupferblum Army Defence (Expert) None
  • Army Defence: +10.0%
  • Entrenchment Speed: +4.0%
Pike Imhoff Army Organization (Expert) None
  • Division Organization: +8.0%
  • Division Recovery Rate: +4.0%

Chief of Navy

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Cilly Wahler Decisive Battle (Specialist) None
  • Capital Ship Attack: +5.0%
  • Capital Ship Armour: +5.0%
  • Screen Attack: +5.0%
  • Screen Defence: +5.0%
  • Naval AA attack: +8.0%
Walfried Hardscribe Submarine (Specialist) None
  • Submarine Attack: +10.0%
  • Submarine Defence: +5.0%
  • Submarine Detection: +10.0%

Chief of Airforce

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Molty Mittermeier Air Superiority (Specialist) None
  • Air Superiority Attack: +2.0%
  • Air Superiority Defence: +2.0%
  • Air Superiority Agility: +2.0%
  • Close Air Support Attack: +2.0%
  • Close Air Support Defence: +2.0%
  • Close Air Support Agility: +2.0%
Erebos Hopf Tactical Bombing (Specialist) None
  • Ground Support: +10.0%
  • Bomber Attack: +1.0%
  • Bomber Defence: +1.0%
  • Bomber Agility: +1.0%
  • Strategic Bombing: +3.0%

Military High Command

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Cassie Frosch Commando (Expert) None
  • Special forces Attack: +15.0%
  • Special forces Defence: +15.0%
Fistfall Hauke Army Regrouping (Expert) None
  • Division Recovery Rate: +8.0%
Arnkell Blumberg Army Logistics (Expert) None
  • Division Attrition: -8.0%
Wormplume Wagenseil All-Weather (Specialist) None
  • Bad Weather Penalty: -10.0%
  • Air Accidents Chance: -2.5%
Murkbill Reichleitner Fleet Logistics (Specialist) None
  • Naval max range: 5.0%
  • Naval Speed: 2.0%


Laws and Development[]

Laws and Development
Conscription Law Trade Law Economy Law
Volunteer Only.png Volunteer Only
  • Recruitable Population: 1.50%
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • Construction Speed: +10.00%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: +10.00%
  • Resources to Market: +50%
  • Civilian intelligence to others: +20.0%
  • Navy intelligence to others: +10.0%
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • Industrial Research Speed: +3%
  • Electronics Research Speed: +2%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 35.0%
  • Military to Civilian Factory conversion cost: +30.00%
  • Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: +30.00%
  • Fuel Gain per Oil: -40.00%
  • Fuel Capacity: -25.00%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.00%
  • Military Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Refinery construction speed: +5.00%
Scientific Development Society Development Illiteracy
Small Science Base.png Small Science Base
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.20
  • Research Speed: -55.00%
Industrialising Society.png Industrialising Society
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -20.00%
  • Monthly Population: -10.0%
  • Construction Speed: -20.00%
  • Production Efficiency Cap: -10.00%
  • Research Speed: -20.00%
  • Factory Output: -20.00%
  • Dockyard Output: -20.00%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -25.00%
Modest Illiteracy.png Modest Illiteracy
  • Construction Speed: -10.00%
  • Research Speed: -30.00%
Poverty Race
Low Poverty.png Low Poverty
  • Monthly Population: -7.0%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 7.0%
  • Construction Speed: -10.00%
  • Research Speed: -2.50%
Griffon.png Griffon
  • Uses Griffon Racial Tree

Industry and Resources[]

Military factory
2 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
0 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
5 Civilian Factories
0 0 0 0 14 0 0