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Other races refer to races which represent a very small part of the global population, being small minorities in most nations and the dominant race in, at most, two counties, if any.



The Buffalo are semi-migratory tribal creatures who live in the dry southern plains of Equus. They are inspired by Native Americans. With the industrial revolution, Equestria has seen rapid expansion into the south, leading to tensions between the buffaloes and frontier settler towns such as Appaloosa. Though currently at peace, it remains to be seen whether the tentative compromises formed will last as Equestria continues to expand and develop.

The Buffalo are the primary race of the Flag of Buffalo Chiefdom Buffalo Chiefdom.



Dragons, much like in classical fantasy, are rare, fire-breathing winged lizards. In Equus they vary dramatically in size, with the majority being humanoid-sized or a bit larger, but occasionally they may grow (or be magically induced) to be several stories high. Dragons tend to be competitive and respect strength, and are derisive of non-combative races such as ponies. Many are solitary, with the Badlands and islands off the east coast of Equus, owned by the Dragon Tribe, being the closest thing to a nation.

Thanks to the efforts of the young dragon Spike, who was raised among ponies by Twilight Sparkle, Equestria has formed peaceful, if standoffish relationships with the Dragon Tribe, whose new leader Ember is tentatively experimenting with Harmonic principles of government, much to the disgust of her underlings.

Dragons are the primary race of the Flag of United Dragon Isles United Dragon Isles.



Minotaurs are powerful humanoid bovines. With huge strength, along with hands and fingers, they are a powerful and independent race. They are rare outside of their home island of Asterion, and have had extensive conflicts with the Griffons in the past.

Minotaurs are the primary race of the Flag of Republic of Asterion Republic of Asterion.



Penguins are small flightless birds that live in Equus' Frozen North. Legend states that they migrated there from the Great Frozen South over 1,000 years ago. Normally a peaceful race, they are fiercely independent and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Penguins are the primary race of the Flag of Kingdom of Pingland Kingdom of Pingland.

Polar Bears[]

Polar Bear.png

Polar bears are large, winter adapted bears that live in Equus' Frozen North. Simple and with low technology, they have somewhat of a temper and will face a difficult time dealing with the rise of modern powers.

Polar bears are the primary race of the Flag of Polar Bear Communities Polar Bear Communities.



Although 'undead' strictly refers to the living dead, actual undead societies are comprised of a variety of different mortal, immortal and undead members:

Undead societies are commonly lead by a combination of:

  • Necromancers - Powerful spellcasters who manage the undead, with the most powerful becoming immortal liches,
  • Vampires - Immortals transformed by other vampires,
  • Voodoo Practitioners - Zebra spellcasters who practice the dark arts.

There is also a free-willed citizenry, comprised primarially of:

  • Ghouls - Intelligent undead who require flesh to avoid decay and mindlessness.

Work is normally done by slaves, of which there are two categories:

  • Zombies & Skeletons - Mindless magically animated bodies,
  • Thralls - Living creatures under the magical domination of a vampire master.

The Flag of Dread League Dread League is the only nation with an undead society.



Yaks are large mammals from northern Equus. Their thick coats and stubbornness keep them protected in the harsh winters of their homeland.

Yaks are the dominant race in the Flag of Kingdom of Yakyakistan Kingdom of Yakyakistan and the Flag of Jaki-Clan Jaki-Clan.



Zebra are equids from the continent of Zebrica. They are known for their distinctive black and white striped coats and advanced potion-making. Like ponies, they have cutie marks.

While Zebrica is not a playable continent (yet), Zebra are the dominant race of the Flag of Kása Free State Kása Free State

Hippogriffs / Seaponies[]

Hippogriffs and Seaponies are two races native to Mount Aris, located off the coast of Zebrica. Hippogriffs are creatures that have the head, claws, and wings of an eagle and the hind legs and tail of a pony, whilst Seaponies have the upper body of a pony and a fish-like tail. They are not to be confused with similar-looking aquatic equids.

Despite their differences, seaponies and hippogriffs live together in a close, unified society. This is helped by the Pearl of Change, which allows a hippogriff to turn into a seapony and vice versa.

While no nation with them as the predominant species is represented in-game, they do appear through events.

General Racial Tech Tree[]

Magical Industry[]

Magical Industry icon

Magical Industry

  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: +10.00%
Combining the subtle, capricious nature of magic with the regimented precision of industrial machinery presents great challenges, but even greater benefits.
Magical Excavation icon

Magical Excavation

  • Resource Gain Efficiency: +10%
Individual artisans have long used magical intuition to identify and find rare gems and materials. By integrating these specialists into industrial excavation teams, seams can be located and dug more efficiently.
Magical Supply Chains icon

Magical Supply Chains

  • Supply Consumption: -10%
Whilst bulk food and supplies continue to be delivered by the humble unmagical crate, magical enchantments can be used to prevent food spoilage, keep ammunition dry, sort items, and mark (or conceal) supply caches.
Magical Construction icon

Magical Construction

  • Construction Speed: +7%
  • Factory Repair Speed: +7%
Lacking telepathic magic, we have had to find more nuanced magical support for construction. By using enchantments and potions to adhere, insulate, protect and strengthen we can use cheaper construction materials, reduce manual labour, and do more with less.
Magical Computing icon

Magical Computing

  • Research Time: -2%
Our electronic efforts have so far focused on the use of bulky vacuum tubes to process electrical signals. But with the increasing industrialisation and precision of magical materials science, we can imbue simpler, common materials with the necessary conductive properties and skip the need for a vacuum entirely.
Magical Cryptography icon

Magical Cryptography

  • Encryption: +10%
The potential of magic in divination to predict, intuit and interpret is well known. By using divination to test our own codes, we can identify codes that are unpredictable, opaque, and incomprehensible to the enemy.

Magical Military[]

Magical Equipment Improvements icon

Magical Equipment Improvements

All Frontline Battalions
  • Defense: +4%
  • Breakthrough: +4%
  • Realiability: -1%
Although our primary weapons are already at the forefront of our efforts, supporting kit and smaller personal weaponry has room for improvement. Minor protective enchantments and magical weapon mechanisms can make supporting kit more useful in close combat and on the move, with a remarkably low rate of magical backfires or breakages.
Special Forces Magic Training icon

Special Forces Magic Training

  • Special Forces Attack: +5%
  • Special Forces Defense: +5%
  • Magical Infantry Soft Attack: +5%
Special Forces rely on the flexibility provided by their specialist equipment. Equipping and training them in the use of a variety of potions, enchantments and cantrips can ensure there is always a tool for every situation. Some of the more universal tools can be supplied to our magical troops too.
Magical Artillery Munitions icon

Magical Artillery Munitions

  • Artillery Soft Attack: +5%
  • AT Art Hard Attack: +5%
  • AA Art Air Attack: +5%
Whilst magic is too valuable to waste on millions of bullets, and too unstable to use on enhancing explosive power, a very weak summoning cantrip can be repurposed to tug artillery shells slightly towards living creatures whilst in flight, providing small but significant increases in accuracy.
Magical Naval Armaments icon

Magical Naval Armaments

  • Naval Hit Chance: +5%
  • Naval AA Attack: +5%
The ambient magical energy around land is different from the energy around large bodies of flat water, and thus many of our precision magical equipment enhancements perform poorly at sea. By designing marine variants of these enhancements, we can see that our fleets benefit as well.
Magical Fuel Additives (G) icon

Magical Fuel Additives (G)

All Mechanical Battalions
  • Supply use: +1%
  • Max Speed: +6%
Adding a magical kick to fuel is considerably less dangerous than trying to add them to explosives. With some minor changes to our refining processes, we can improve engine power and speed on our vehicles.
Magical Airplane Fuel Additives icon

Magical Airplane Fuel Additives

  • Airplane Agility: +6%
  • Airplane Reliability: -1%
Planes live and die on their ability to move maneuver quickly in combat, and their engines and fuels are designed accordingly. By magically enhancing fuel we can improve that edge further.
Magical Shields icon

Magical Shields

All Infantry and Mot/Mech
  • Fort Defense: +7%
Whilst the griffons' achievements in enchanted personal armour are too expensive and complex to reliably duplicate, we can adapt some of their design principles to cheaply improve the shielding on our fortifications.
Magical Explosives icon

Magical Explosives

All Infantry and Mot/Mech
  • Fort Attack: +7%
The words impossible, dangerous, or insane have often been used to describe the idea of combining volatile magic and explosive chemicals. Our scientists have disproven the testimony of neighsayers and charred outlines alike, suceeding in a limited implementation in our heaviest, anti fortification shells.
Magically-aided CnC icon

Magically-aided CnC

  • All Infantry / Mot / Mech Org: +5
  • Tanks Org: +1
Unlike ponies, we must manage our large armies with the delivered letter, transmitted signal and of course the spoken word. Whilst magic cannot replace these methods, they can improve on them, from magical seals and identifications for our letters, protective charms on our frail transmission lines, and even spells to boost the voice of an officer or food additives to enhance the courage of a wavering batallion.
Magically-aided Administration icon

Magically-aided Administration

  • Reinforce Rate: +5%
Whilst magic capable of abolishing red tape and bureaucracy remains elusive, our bureaucrats paint a vision of the magical offices of the future - with self refilling inkwells, rubber stamps that can deny forms automatically, and submission boxes that are enchanted to repel any paperwork not possessing a triplicate signature...