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The Principality of Lushi is a small technologically backward state on the Griffon continent. Even since the breakup of the Flag of Griffonian Empire Griffonian Empire Lushi has been dominated by powerful nobles that have kept strict control over their nation through restrictive serfdom.

The current leader of Lushi is Prince Elias Whitecrest, who has big dreams for his small domain. He is a progressive reformer believing in the freeing of the serfs and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy.

Control of Lushi's fate though is held not truly with the ambitious Prince but with the Nobles who control much of the land. These Lords must be overcome if the Prince is to put into place his dreams of a Lushi free of serfdom and prosperous under a more democratic rule.

But there is no lack of challenges to the Prince's rule, his younger brother cares not for the peasant driven ideas of his brother, and would prefer to maintain the nobility's dominance of the land as long as they bend to him first and foremost.

But an ever greater specter haunts the fields of Lushi, the peasants seek salvation from a radical ideology called Communism and the hostile and expansionist Flag of Griffon Liberation Army Griffon Liberation Army is happy to aid them if the people of Lushi wish, or even if they don't.

Starting Situation[]

The Western Border of Lushi is occupied by the Flag of Barony of Angriver Barony of Angriver, a vassal of the Griffonian Empire at game start, who will not pose a threat to Lushi until the unification, giving Lushi some time to build up against the Imperials.

The East, on the other hand, produces an immediate concern with the Flag of Gryphian Host Gryphian Host being able to raid into Lushi and possibly even wage full-scale war later on.

The Northern Flag of County of Longsword County of Longsword border is safe for the most part and the border with Flag of Lake City Lake City will only become dangerous if the Princely coup occurs.

The South and the Flag of Griffon Liberation Army GLA pose the most severe threat with the GLA actively wishing to either subvert Lushi and gain it as an ally or conquer it and gain a new state for the revolution.


The Military of Lushi consists of seven 12 width fully infantry divisions that lack equipment at the start, but will be supplied by numerous outdated weapons in the stockpile. Their military fields ~28k men with a division capacity of 42k.

Lushi has no navy as it is landlocked, and lacks both an air force and any airbases to put planes in.

Threats and Opportunities[]

Lushi will be safe for the majority of the beginning of the game with only the occasional Raid from the Cossacks of the Flag of Gryphian Host Gryphian Host being the only possible threat.

Early expansion opportunities consist mainly in the 2 focus tree sections:

Befriend Prywhen - where it allows you to seek closer relations with Flag of Griffon Liberation Army Prywhen, hopefully making them hesitant to invade you. It can give you an annex wargoal against the Flag of Blackrock Bandits Blackrock Bandits, though a player should note an invasion here is one into the mountains.

Partners in Brodfeld - gives you either claims on the North of Prywhen and aggressive foci against the Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Kingdom of Brodfeld if they win, or it gives you a wargoal on Flag of Griffon Liberation Army Prywhen itself followed by a marriage between Lushian and Brodfeldian royalty.

The only other main expansion opportunity is through the rule of Prince Gerar and his "The Lushian Nation" national focus giving claims on many surrounding regions primarily to the South and East along with war justification speed reduction, with the following foci allowing you to core and take advantage of the land you take with these claims.

Gameplay Mechanics[]

Lushi possesses 3 unique decision categories corresponding to both political events for 2 and 1 for industrial modernization.

The Lushian Politics decisions involve the stability of the nation and primarily have to do with Lord Drak, whether to assassinate him, or bribe him as decisions, or deal with him through the focus tree. Otherwise, Lushi has a unique stability boosting decision Plan a Celebration, leading to other decisions of the same sort.

The second political section has to do with Prince Gerar's possible coup, at game start the player can either begin the plot for the coup, or begin suppressing the ideas of Supremacy to prevent Gerar from taking over the nation.

Lastly, Economic Problems is related to the modernization of the Lushi economy.

Lushi also has a unique decision based mechanic of the Lushi Levy, spending 20pp to raise an untrained but fully manned and equipped 6 width infantry division, this can be repeated as many times as Lushi owns and controls states, once per year.

National Focus[]


The focus tree of the Principality of Lushi is very diverse. A tree on the far left can be found that has to do with the state of the peasants in the nation that leads to branches that can only be taken with a certain monarch, with Elias supporting the peasants directly and Gerar promoting corporatism and nationalism. Gerar's Branch then leads to The Lushian Nation, leading to his governmental path of irredentism and expansion, as well as a shared technology line. To the right is the Time is Running Out branch where you deal with the various lords of the realm and establish the Diet of Lushi leading to one military expansion path and one economic expansion path, with Elias's government path also stemming from the foci State and Economic Affairs and Defence of the Realm. Leading to his path of governance based on concentrated improvement and the shared science branch. Both of these Monarch-based branches also lead to the choice between the aristocratic and meritocratic armies.

At the top again towards the right lie the 2 early expansion paths related to the GLA and the Flag of Kingdom of Brodfeld Kingdom of Brodfeld. These lead to your expansion paths early on, but can be risky to take.

Below these are the dedicated army and airforce modernization branches allowing for the rapid and significant modernization of the Lushian military. Uniquely the focus Defensive Bunkers allows for the construction of a large number of forts on the borders of Lushi if the player wishes to play defensively. One should note though these paths require the focus Defense of the Realm to access.

Spoilers below, we recommend these are best experienced in game before reading

Though within Lushi lies the secret peasants revolutionary Lushi focus tree, if the peasants of Lushi are forced into serfdom and the country remains unstable enough for the Peasants to seize weapons and leave their farms to band together a communist revolution can occur forming a new Communist state, which can then either persue ties to Prywhin or stay on its own

Spoiler end.
Tree Bonus Elias (purely political) Gerar
RushTime.pngRush Time (d) 735 1,050
CompleteTime.pngComplete Time (d) 1,211 days 1,610
StabilityStability 24% 18.5%
Political PowerPolitical Power (Flat) 150 150
ManpowerRecruitable Pop 0% 5%
TrainingIcon.pngTraining Time 0% -5%
Civilian factoryCivilian factory 3 4
Consumergoods.pngConsumer Goods -10%
InfrastructureInfrastructure 6 11
Military factoryMilitary factory 2 2
Factoryout.pngFactory Output 5% 0%
Dockyardout.pngDockyard Output 5% 0%
Production Efficiency CapProduction Efficiency Cap Cap: +15%

Gain: 0%

Cap 15%

Growth 0%

Focusbonus.pngOne-off reductions (50%)
  • 1 50% Construction
  • 1 80% Industry
  • 1 50% Synthetic Resources
  • 1 70% synthetic Resources
  • 2 50% for mechanized
  • 1 50% Industry
  • A focus with a 25% chance to give each of these: 1 50% mechanized, 1 50% infantry equipment 1 50% industry, 1 50% support artillery
OrganizationIcon.pngOrganization 0 -10% then +10% so netting 0%
ReocveryIcon.pngRecovery Rate 0 +5% then -5% so netting 0%
Resourcegain.pngResource Gain Efficiency 15% 15%
Syntheticrefinery.pngSynthetic Refinery 1
OilOil 14 10
RubberRubber 14
Other Notes / Bonuses
  • These numbers do not include the reductions in the Poverty modifier which is removed through these trees


Army Naval Air Tech / Industry
  • Musket (Vorderlader Model 70)
  • None
  • None
  • None
Doctrine Racial
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • We Can Fly?!


National Spirits[]

Idea enlightened feudalism.png
Lushian Feudalism
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -10.0%
  • Daily Political Power Cost: -0.20
  • Research Time: +10.0%

This country's rural population are still largely peasants with little to no rights nor say in politics.

FRA national mobilization focus.png
Demands For a Batter Life
  • Weekly Stability: -0.50%

The peasants of Lushi demand to get a better life. They think the feudal system is skewed in favour of their lords, who can feast, while they have to be hungry.

LUS prywhen communist influence.png
Prywhen Communist Influence
  • Stability: -20.0%
  • Daily Communism Support: +0.04
LUS drak lord.png
Lord Marven Drak
  • Recruitable Population: -1.0%
LUS damoi lord.png
Lord Gordon Matton
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -10.0%
LUS talvonia lord.png
Lord Kelvin Rosefeather
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 5%


Leader Party Description Traits
Prince Elias Whitecrest
Prince Elias Whitecrest

Non-Aligned (Despotism) / Harmony (Harmonic Monarchism)

Whitecrest Dynasty / Prosperists

Prince Elias Whitecrest took power in the Principality of Lushi in January of 1006. He is still young and ambitious, with grand plans for his nation. The Prince knows that Lushi has the potential to modernise in the shortest terms and catch up to the rest of Griffonia. He has elected to pursue peaceful foreign policy and to focus primarily on improving the quality of life of the citizens. Many believe that Prince Elias is the leader Lushi needed long ago.
Prince Gerar Whitecrest
Prince Gerar Whitecrest

Supremacy (Imperialism)

Searchers of Harmony

Prince Gerar Whitecrest, younger brother of Elias, sees Lushi as a strong nation that could occupy the whole basin of the Evi river. Inspired by the writings of notorious Wingbardian Fascist Beakolini, he aims to create a corporate nationalist state, rooted in religion and military. He dreams of getting rid of the monarchy and proclaiming himself the leader of the nation.

Communist (Equestrian Socialism)

Green Rod's Commune

Razech Oumont
Razech Oumont


Searchers of Harmony

Staff and Designers[]

Political Advisors

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Princess Mira Whitecrest Popular Figurehead
  • Current ruling party is not Communist or Supremacy
  • Not: Princess Mira married
  • Stability: +15.0%
Karka Rich Captain of Industry

State Investor

Current ruling party is not Communist
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.0%
  • Refinery construction speed: +10.0%
  • Research Time: -2.5%
Reka Aumont War Industrialist None
  • Military Factory construction speed: +10.0%
  • Dockyard construction speed: +10.0%
  • AI Modifier: Focus on War Production: +10.0%
Rabec Renouf Prince of Terror None
  • Effect of partisans on us: -25.0%
  • Foreign subversive activities efficiency: -30.0%
  • Non-core Ponypower: +2.0%

Tank Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Nedhern Design Mobile tank designer Has completed focus Li-1 and Rico Design Study
  • Armor Research Time: -10.0%
  • Armor Maximum Speed: +5.0%
  • Armor Reliability: +10.0%

Ship Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Pry River Sailing Company Escort fleet designer None
  • Naval Research Time: -10.0%
  • Screen Range: +30.0%
  • Screen Sub Detection: +10.0%
  • Screen Speed: +10.0%
  • Screen Build Cost Ic: +10.0%

Aircraft Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Soaring Wings Design Light Aircraft Designer Has completed focus Lushi Flies High
  • Air Research Time: -10.0%
  • Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Fighter Max Speed: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Agility: +10%
  • Carrier Fighter Max Speed: +10%

Materiel Designer

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Erus Acel Infantry Equipment Designer Has taken Erus Acel focus
  • Weapons and Equipment Research Time: -10.0%
  • Infantry Equipment Production Cost: -8.0%
Nagy Fegverek Artillery Company Artillery Designer Modern Artillery
  • Artillery Research Time: -10.0%

Industrial Concern

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Afli Master Guild Industrial Concern None
  • Industrial Research Time: -10.0%
Lushian Polytechnics Electronics Concern Has completed focus Poly-Technics
  • Electronics Research Time: -10.0%


Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Crovin Laar Military Theorist None
  • Land Doctrine Research Time: -7.0%
  • Army Experience Gain: +0.05 daily

Chief of Army

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Zofia Neel Army Organization (Expert) None
  • Division Organization: +8.0%
Marven Drak Army Morale (Expert)
  • Has completed focus Drak's Marriage
  • Owns Drak's Castle
  • Not: Marven Drak is killed
  • Division Recovery Rate: +8.0%

Chief of Navy

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Martin Wille Commerce Raiding (Specialist) None
  • Convoy Raiding Efficiency: +10.0%

Chief of Airforce

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Horty Makkorty Night Operations (Expert) None
  • Night Operations Penalty: -20.0%
Dormin Ghalk Ground Support (Expert) None
  • Air Superitory: +15.0%

Military High Command

Name Trait Prereqs Effects Cost
Scar Blackkryl Infantry (Genius) None
  • Infantry Division Attack: +15.0%
  • Infantry Division Defense: +20.0%
Peter Brigand Army Regrouping (Genius) None
  • Division Recovery Rate: +12.0%
Barto Miroven Army Logistics (Expert) None
  • Division Attrition: -8.0%


Laws and Development[]

Laws and Development
Conscription Law Trade Law Economy Law
Limited Conscription.png Limited Conscription
  • Recruitable Population: 2.50%
Export Focus.png Export Focus
  • Construction Speed: +10.00%
  • Research Speed: +5.00%
  • Factory Output: +10.00%
  • Dockyard Output: +10.00%
  • Resources to Market: +50%
  • Civilian intelligence to others: +20.0%
  • Navy intelligence to others: +10.0%
Civilian Economy.png Civilian Economy
  • Industrial Research Speed: +3%
  • Electronics Research Speed: +2%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 35.0%
  • Military to Civilian Factory conversion cost: +30.00%
  • Civilian to Military Factory conversion cost: +30.00%
  • Fuel Gain per Oil: -40.00%
  • Fuel Capacity: -25.00%
  • Infrastructure construction speed: +10.00%
  • Military Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Civilian Factory construction speed: -30.00%
  • Refinery construction speed: +5.00%
Scientific Development Society Development Illiteracy
Small Science Base.png Small Science Base
  • Daily Political Power Gain: +0.20
  • Research Speed: -55.00%
Agrarian Society.png Agrarian Society
  • Resource Gain Efficiency: -50.00%
  • Monthly Population: -25.0%
  • Construction Speed: -50.00%
  • Production Efficiency Cap: -20.00%
  • Research Speed: -50.00%
  • Factory Output: -50.00%
  • Dockyard Output: -50.00%
  • Factory Bomb Vulnerability: -50.00%
Modest Illiteracy.png Modest Illiteracy
  • Construction Speed: -10.00%
  • Research Speed: -30.00%
Poverty Race
High Poverty.png High Poverty
  • Monthly Population: -13.0%
  • Consumer Goods Factories: 11.0%
  • Construction Speed: -16.00%
  • Research Speed: -7.50%
Griffon.png Griffon
  • Uses Griffon Racial Tree

Industry and Resources[]

Military factory
3 Military Factories
Naval dockyard
0 Naval Dockyards
Civilian factory
3 Civilian Factories
0 0 0 1 7 0 1